To put 3-11 Porter in a genre is not easy, they have definitely made their own style, pop music with some dark and melancholic elements, combined with Per Arnes subliminal lyrics. 3-11 Porters first single Surround Me With Your Love has created a lot of buzz in the international marked being played by a wide range of international DJ's as well as getting radio play in many key European territories. This track is on a wide range of international compilations where probably Hotel Costes is the most successful. The track Surround Me With Your Love is also used in Rimmel Londons commercial with Kate Moss. The band has been on more than 2 million sold compilations throughout the world.

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Roxy music / Yello/ Pink floyd / The Stranglers / Miles Davis / The Doors/ Nick Cave/ Tom Waits,Roland Kirk, John Coltrane,Depeche Moode