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From: * (Christoph W Borst)
Date: 24 May 1995 07:52:06 GMT

Transcribed by Christoph Borst (*) sometime in 1994
Please send me comments, corrections, etc.

README: Over the past couple years I have seen several ASCII tabs for
record and realize how far off most were. So, I played along
with the songs a couple times to find something that sounds better:
Think of this as an improvement to the already available tab.

this is typed from memory.

Most of the song is based on the following pattern.
It is sometimes played on the D and G strings (e.g. at first),
and sometimes on the A and D strings.

beat: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
. .
pm............ pm...........

Example of a variation, played on A and D strings:


You will find this sort of thing happening from time to time:

---------------------------| .
-7---------------7-------5-| 7
-7---------------7-------5-| 7 (or whammy bar or sliding stuff,
-5---------------5-------3-| 5 what happens here varies)

And the more aggressive part is:
(ASCII space taken per beat is now half of previous)


have a nice day -:)




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