Learn To Survive
4ft Fingers

Álbum: At Your Convenience ( 2001)

I don't know what I've been told
I was shoved into this ed up world
can you help me out
then I'll tell you chats it all about
I'm stood out here all alone
all I want is to get back home
send some help for me
can you hear my desperate pleas

Its all gone wrong its been like this far too long
I just need a place to lie my head
I wont forget those words that you said
you'll some day meet a bitter end

Just learn to survive
I'll never run and hide
but all the pains inside
and I'm left to survive

Why the pain and suffering
do you not think I miss something
my hopes and all my dreams
'N' all lives such essential scenes
not much to me but its far to late
just survive until i meet my fate

In all the world of places to be
why should it be left to me
i'll contemplate my future years
just growing old is my only fear
there's nothing wrong with being this way
nothing will change, no matter what-you-say


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