Stay The Course


She woke up one day with the rising of the sun
Surrounded by fields of grain
Hopped on a plane never to return
Destination hide the pain
Landed in the middle of a big blue sea
And before she had time to unpack
She listened to the sound of the waves on the shore
And knew that she was never going back

Stay the course you can't turn back
You might get scared you might get lonely
Thinking about ways you could lose the path
It's all harmful distractions
Stay the course in a changing sea
Tides turning waves are churning
Thinking about trying to take another from me

Never a cool kid
Had no friends in school kid
Never raised his hand in class
At night he stared at the stars on the ceiling
Wondering if his loneliness would last
Another chord he strummed another note he hummed
Another original melody
But as soon as he stepped on the stage
And saw them smiling back he knew what he was meant to be


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