Crazy Beautiful Life


I'm in love, alright
With my crazy beautiful life
With the parties, the disasters
With my friends all pretty and plastered
Every night we're down to go out
Waking up on a different couch
'Till the next night on the next flight
Yeah, I guess we're doing alright

We're falling in love
'Till the sun's coming up
Just living the life

Every single night we fight
To get a little high on life
To get a little something right
Something real, at least we try
Time after time
Tried cutting all the douchebag guys
Tried trading all the wasted times
For something real in this crazy life

I just hope some people see
There's nothing that I'm trying to be
Lemme just stop all the shit talk
I know I'm the new bitch on the block
I've been through my sketchy phases
Been broke, been a shitty waitress
But I'm not now, guess it worked out
Got here by running my mouth


[Chorus x2]


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