So Youd Like To Save The World
Lloyd Cole

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From: [email protected] (William Vaughan)
Date: 7 Jul 1995 18:55:17 GMT
Subject: CRD: "So you d like to save the world" by Lloyd Cole

Here s my attempt at "So You d Like To Save The World" by Lloyd
Cole off his "Bad Vibes" album. Lloyd wrote this wondering what it
would be like to go out with Natalie Merchant.

Listen to the song to get the muting and accents that Lloyd puts on
individual chords (ie the muting on the G and the accents on the
C in the verses)

Capo at 4th - chords written like they are played at first position
(ie =)

320033 x20033
* x32013 xx0232
x32010 x02010


[tab] *
So you d like to save the world[/tab]

[tab] *
I suggest you start one person at a time[/tab]

and start with me[/tab]

[tab] *
Not an ordinary girl[/tab]

[tab] *
Not some that I should hit upon[/tab]

and ask "Hey what s your sign babe"[/tab]


Have you been reading my mind (what did you find)[/tab]

Nothing more or less terestrial[/tab]

Could I keep you in mind[/tab]


Did you really cry[/tab]

When you saw the hole in the sky[/tab]

Did you really hold your head high[/tab]

That s alright you might call it ultraviolet radiation[/tab]

Its only sunlight

*same as other verse*
So you d like to save my world
If you could free my inner child then
I could free your inhibitions babe
Or would you like to mother me
I love the way you wear that montrola(?) robe
Generation chic mama

Pre chorus

Chorus - same as other except instead of G C G C G go into
following over chorus chords

Aw yes it is
Aw yes it is
Aw yes you might call it ultraviolet radiation
Its only sunglight

(Noodling around on )

*over chorus chords *
So you d like to save the world
I d really like to help you
I d really like to free you
Is that alright
I could call it ultraviolet radiation
But its only sunlight

Its only sunlight
Its only sunlight
You could call it ultrviolet radiation

fade on Cu001a


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