The People Who Grinned
The Housemartins

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The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death

The smiled so much and waved their flags
Am C (barre chord on 3rd fret) As she saluted

to the military band

Most of the people failed to see

She had a broken bottle in the other hand

And she took them by surprise
Dm (barre chord 5th fret)
When she took them by the throat
Bb C (barre chord on 3rd fret)
And she said "My friend you re not allowed to vote"
F (barre chord on 8th fret)
But they shook it all off,

With a nervous laugh and cough,

"Next time," she said "I ll let those people choke"

The people who grinned themselves to death
Eb (barre chord on 6th fret)
Smiled so much they failed to take a breath

And even when their kids were starving

They all thought the queen was charming

She polished all upon the wall
And ran her hands right through her hair So if the lady took
the time to call
All the houses on the street would not compare

And she thought it really funny
That she hadn t any money
But those she looked up to, they had,
But they shook it all off
With a nervous laugh and cough
And when they took her riches it was sad


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