Frank Black

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Álbum: Frank Black ( 1993)

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From: * (Eric J Schwarzenbach)

These corrections are:

1) Replaced the open E chord at the end of the Verse Riff with a higher bar
chord (the riff definitely rises at the end).
2) Modified the A E F# chord progression that occurs at the end of each verse
"Band . . ." "Thanks . . ." "No . . ." with A G# F# (the progression definitely
3) Added the florish in the middle of the chorus (at the end of the line
"who has sung his bars") E F F# (I think there's a musical name for this florish
but I can't think of it).

I'd be happy to hear any feedback.

* (Eric Schwarzenbach)
Original tab from: * (Steve Krulewitz)


The lyrics are from memory, please correct!

The Chords:

A F# G# C#m

The Verse Riff:

B Em C# E
-4---4---2-2-2--6--6-6--9--9-9-| repeat...
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

You have to listen closely to the recording to hear the
Em/E/Esus thingy he does after the B...

The timing is pretty easy to learn, and I tried to indicate
it as close as I could with the lyrics.

(Riff x 2)

Time... If he could travel

Time... He would have been on

Time... Instead of making

Rhyme... He didn't need a

A G# F#

N.C. (Riff)
He was a moutain man

Oil... The national

Turmoil.... They hide it in the

Soil... I say no read head

Spoil... Just singing

A G# F#

N.C. (Riff x 2 w/ only bass strings)
I've got my own gas tanks


F# G# C#m
And there's no time for the man

A E E F F#
Who has sung his bars

And there's no time

G# C#m A E

Blue... Extrodinary

Blue... Ten million port hole

Views... They're saying on the

News... The Russians just say

A G# F#

You can't go





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