In Hiding

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Álbum: From Genesis to Revelation ( 1969)

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Em A7
Pick me up, put me down

Em A7
Push me in, turn me round

Em A7
Switch me on, let me go

Em A7 D
I have a mind of my own

D F#m
In hiding

G Em C
Far from the city of night

D7 G
and the factories of truth

I stand upon the mountain

Am D7
A million miles from my home

And the faces of fear

A7sus4 A7
I have freedom to think

In hiding
I may take off my clothes
that I wear on my face
I float upon the river
A million miles from the plains
that are piercing the clouds
I am lost in the beauty

In hiding


G A7sus4 A7
I wish you were here

In hiding
I lie silent at last
I'm free from my past
I walk among the tall trees
This is beauty I know
I'm in love with it all
I have freedom to love
In hiding



On the second time thru the chorus, slow down to the end on the final line
to the D chord.

Hope you enjoy it. I'll post more as I figure 'em out.





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