Crime In The City
Neil Young

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This is my first tab that I did by ear so yeah...

The whole song is pretty distorted so put your "gain" & "distortion" all the way up.
the tabs I found had the opening played with messed up chords that all sounded terrible, I
tabbed it so listeners can identify it.

~ = let it ring a little
b = bend
h = hammer on
p = pull off


Listen to the song to get the pattern, it really just sounds like messy picking, but
well with the distortion.



Similar to Intro

--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0~-0-| Mess around with that...Improvize!

0:42 "His best friend was a robber"


0:57 "The bungalo was surrounded"


Picking part again...

1:26 ... Strum The A Chord... (Strum open strings twice in the middle...listen to the song to hear it.)



-777-55-77-----| or |-----444-22-44--|

( I'm not going to tab the solo because I suck at solos and it will take longer than 5 minutes :P )

Keep Repeating all of this Stuff as it is in the song...

Then...around 3:50

-2---4~------2-2s4~--| x 2


---------------12-11-----------| Then go Into Strumming A again

Yup that's all Im going to do...
So listen to the song, learn it, and play it...this song requires a lot of modifications
the amp for the right sound...
Keep on Rockin in the Free World

This Song was Tabbed By: eMpTy, aka chest, aka Donkey Djck or Choda Monkey////////////////// ¿Te Animas? Sube una canción a este sitio. //////////////////




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