Uriah Heep

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Álbum: High and Mighty ( 1976)

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Ver. 2

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	  C Eb Bb G 

C Bb Ab Bb
I just lay down wonderin' what to lay down
C Bb Ab Bb
Lately I can do it every day undisturbed
D C Bb G F
I think I know what but I can't find out how
C Bb Ab B
The morning didn't show me what it was worth

Miles and miles of smiles, getting me nowhere
Opportunities I just can see
You can't lead me to the slaughter 'cause I'll already be there
I've been up that street and I know what's waiting for me
Just waiting!

Bb Fm
Bb Fm
Moon bright!
Bb Fm
Day into day!
Bb Fm
No escape, I must stay!

Bb C Dm
Midnight, show me the way!
G Dm
Show me the way, give me something to play
Something to play, to help me face the new day!

C Bb Ab Bb D C F F7

Bb F Ab Eb
Take me out of the darkness into the light
Bb F Ab Eb
I've no friends to stand by me here in the night
F# C# F# C#
It's an affair of a sad and weary heart
F# G# C#
Take me out of the darkness back to the start! C#7

D#m A#
F# C# F# C# F# G# A#

C Eb Bb G




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