Uriah Heep

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Álbum: Sweet Freedom ( 1973)

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Ver. 2

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	  Cm G# G (x4) 

Dm F A# A
Dm F A# A#7

C5 C5 A#5 G#5 G#5 A#5

Cm G#
A pilgrim at the grey of dawn
Cm G#
Leaving in the mist of morning
Cm G
On his journey of goodness
Cm G
Heaven sent, God blessed

Pilgrim laughing at the world
Spreading joy
At the touch of his hand
Wiping out all the misery
Dm Gm
Making love and history

Cm Cm7 G# G

Cm Cm7 G# G

Cm G
Those of us who don't know war
Cm F
We shouldn't try to make it
Cm G
So many did and even more died
Cm F
Do you think you could take it?

Dm A
Love lies waiting at my back door
Dm G
Such a beautiful matter of fact
Dm A
Life's like an apple with love as the core
Dm G F E E G Am
And I'll tell you ‘bout that

Am Dm B E E7

Am G F G Am G F Em Dm Em F G Am

A5 B5 G5 A5 B5 G5 F5 G5 F5 E5 E5 G5

Just a man in my prime
Love was there
But I had no time
I was cheered and adored
And I thought fame
Was all the world

Battles won and victory cheers
Were the sounds
I'd heard for years
But the women I really loved
Was losing me
To all this blood

I only knew I had to win
And build a world
Where I was king
But leaders come and leaders go
And that's the truth
I came to know

Love or war I couldn't choose
And so both
I had to lose




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