Please Be Patient With Me

Subida por Donlimon
Álbum: Sky Blue Sky ( 2007)

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Ok? I?m not very good at finger-picking, so I?m mainly just gonna put the chords and you
figure out the rest. I?ll write down a couple little places where you have to move your
in order to get the notes, but for the ones that are just holding the chord shape, just
to the song and figure it out.
(Also, I think Tweedy may do this in a different tuning because I hear a couple low
that make it seem like he might do it in drop D. The "need you to be patient part might have
high E tuned to a D as well... but the way I've figured it out works...)


Chords used in this song (relative to capo):
C: x32013
D6: x02231
E7: 022130
F: 133211
Em: 022000
*F: 133xxx
G: 320003
Esus4: 022200
Asus4: x02230
D/Bb: x1023x
G/B: x2543x
F6: 13x231

Here?s how it goes?


C D6
E7 F


C D6
I should warn you

E7 F
When I?m not well

I can?t tell

*F G
Oh, there?s nothing I can do

*F Esus4 Em
To make this easier for you

A D/Bb G/B C G F6
You?re gonna need to be patient with me


Here are some of the riffs he plays on the verse:

-On the first F (?not well"), play open B string and then 1 again on the B string for
little riff.

-The little lick for the ?Oh but there?s nothing I can do" part:
*F G
e |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |---------------------------------0-------------------------------------|
D |-----3---2---------0--------0-----0------------------------------------|
A |-----------------3-----0h2---------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------3----3----------------------------------|

(obviously do the first half of that again before the Esus4 to Em)

-For ?You?re gonna need", Play A normally a moment to hit that 2 on the B string before
go to the Asus4

-For the end of verse riff, the high notes are just:
C G F6
e |---3---0------------3----0--------------1-----------1--0---------------|
B |-----------1-----------------0--------2-------------------3------------|
G |--------------------------------------3--------------------------------|
D |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|


Here is the rest of the structure of the song?

Verse (same as first):

I?m this apple, this happening stone
When I?m alone
Oh, but my blessings get so blurred
At the sound of your words

I?m gonna need you to be patient with me


E7 F Em
*F G *F Esus4 Em
Asus4 D/Bb G/B

Verse again (same):

How can I warn you when my tongue turns to dust
Like we?ve discussed
It doesn?t mean that I don?t care
It means I?m partially there

You?re gonna need to be patient with me


First two chords same as end of verse?.
Then instead of F6 go to E7 and then F like over ?When I?m not well."
Then G with riff like at end of verse
e |------------------------------0--------------------------|
B |--------3h5---3------3--------3h5------------------------|
G |--------0------------0--------0--------------------------|
D |--------2------------2--------2--------------------------|
A |---3--------------------------3--------------------------|
E |--------------3------------------------------------------|

And that?s it.
By the way, this song is amazing.




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