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## http://*~cbray/sweet/## If you have any corrections or additions to this file, please email them# to *#Found on Son of Altered Beast EP (1994)Transcription arranged by Jason Robinson ([email protected]* or *       for any questions or comments)guitar (I doubt I can get it down, maybe later).  Other than that, standard tuningand listen to the song to get the rhythm strumming and muting down.Intro.(Spacy sounds for 4 seconds.)Riff 1 (four times before verse)       G                                            A         G     A          C6-----------------3--------------3------------------5---------3--/---5----------------------------------|5-----------------3--------------3------------------5---------3--/---5-----------5----------------------|4-----------------4--------------4------------------6---------4--/---6-----x----5-----------------------|3--------x--x---5------x--x---5------x--x--x---7----x---5--/---7-----x----5-----------------------------|2--------x--x---5------x--x---5------x--x--x---7----x---5--/---7-----x----3-----------------------------|1--------x--x---3------x--x---3------x--x--x---5----x---3--/---5-----3----------------------------------|     N.C.6-------------------------------------------------------------------------|5-------------------------------------------------------------------------|4----------------------------------------------------------5---4----------|3-------------------------------------------------------------------5-----|2----2-/-3---5---3h5p3--2-/-3--5-----------------------------------------|1-------------------------------------------3-----------------------------|Verse- Riff 1 twiceG                   A      G  AC       N.C.Honey never tasted so sweetG                   A      G  AC       N.C.From my head up to your feetA xx A xx  G / A x  G / A  E       (G / A indicates slide, not the chord G/A)I'm aliveC      B / C      D#                  E#You've got me running around in yourChorusG                C        A                  CG                A   G / AIf I get my wayC                         G      N.C.I'm leaving it up to youHere's that little N.C. at the end of the chorus6-------------------------|5-------------------------|4------5---4--------------|3---------------5---------|2-------------------------|1-------------------------|VerseHot enough to burn your lips onsoft enough to sink my teeth and you'lseeI don't care where you've beenChorusIf I have my wayI'm leaving it up to youBridgeCYou take me high, and you don't know why                                      GPeople show you what to do         CDone thirty days in a million ways                                GI am still in love with youAww, let me show youInterludePlay Riff 1 twiceVerseHoney never tasted so sweetFrom my head up to your feetI'm aliveBut you've got me running around in yourChorusIf I get my wayI'm leaving it up to youIf I get my wayI'm leaving it up to youI'm leaving it up to youI'm leaving it up to youI'm leaving it up to you


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