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Misc Unsigned Bands

10 Miles Of Blue - Mannequin Man Again
14Th Union - Blue Mountain Dew
1969 - Offline
22 Clever - Diary Of A Dirty Dog
2Ne1 - It Hurts
33A Feat Otar Ramishvili - Zgvaze
3Chordschoir - Kung Emo
3Chordschoir - Munit Lata
3Gs - Crush
3Oh3 - Still Around
404 - Ibne Olmak Istemem
5 Way Street - Rockin On The Bus
577 Feet Above Sealevel - Midsummer Parties Seldom Go Wrong
6 Teens - Nathaliye
8Ight Past Nine - Wah Song
A Bos - Never
A Boy With Glasses - The Penguin Song
A Cue Stick - 3 Am In Newport
A False Sense Of Accomplishment - Fuck Everything
A Groovy Kind Of Love - The Mind Benders
A Hopeless Romantic - Taylor Gomez
A Random Marine - Go Fuck Yourselfworst Regret
A Sleepless Melody - Family Tree
A Very Potter Musical - Ginnycho Chang
A Very Potter Musical - Not Alone
Aa Bondy - American Hearts
Aa Bondy - Mightiest Of Guns
Aaron Yates - Impossible
Abbey Tavern Singers - Off To Dublin In The Green
Abdul And The Coffee Theory - Aku Suka Caramu
Abe La Marca - Hold On Blue Eyes
Abhijoy Saha - Cuz I Love You
Abnormality - Visions
Ace - Tongue Tied
Achin - Marlinda
Acoustimandobrony - Loyalty
Acres Of Lions - Lets Get Sentimental
Across The Universe - All My Loving
Across The Universe - Girl
Across The Universe - Hold Me Tight
Across The Universe - I Want To Hold Your Hand
Across The Universe - With A Little Help From My Friends
Act Of Congress - In The Middle
Adam Barnes - She Will Stay Beneath The Moon
Adam Cousens - Running Over Rooftops
Adam Dimarco - Now I Can Be The Real Me
Adam Faith - Baby Take A Bow
Adam Faith - Dont That Beat All
Adam Faith - Dont You Know It
Adam Faith - Easy Going Me
Adam Faith - How About That
Adam Faith - Lonesome
Adam Faith - Made You
Adam Faith - Poor Me
Adam Gorski - Cruisin With Kate
Adam Lester - Forgiveness
Adam Lester - Hallelujah
Adam Lester - Life
Adam Lester - On My Own
Adam Lester - One Beautiful Night By The Lighthouse
Adam Lester - Song For The Day
Adam Lester - Soul Down
Adawange Band - Uwezo
Add One Decibal - One In A Milion
Adi Smolar - Jaz Druga269E Bom Ivel
Adi Smolar - Jaz Sem Nor
Adolesent Child - Sendiri
Adrian Hood - Brown Eyed Blues
Adrianne - 10000 Stones
Adrienne Liesching - In Christ Alone
Afraid Of Everest - Lonely Starship
After Dark - Californian Oj
Afterlife Of Ashes - Never Let Me Go
Afterthesism - Brenna Song
Age Pryor - Funny Shadow
Aida - I Know The Truth
Aj Shanti - Sharkbones
Alabaster Box - Bigger
Alain De Courtenay - Sing To You
Alan Dale - Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
Alana Lee - Butterflies
Albert Frey - Ich Kann Nicht Schweigen
Alberte - Min Klub Forst
Alder - Surrounded
Alekas Attic - Note To A Friend
Alem Mar - Deixa-Me Olhar
Alex Atkey - Road To Nowhere
Alex Bieser - All That I Need
Alex Kaneko - Live Away
Alex Moran - I Cant Do It Alone
Alexander Morales - Imaginative Personality
Alexandra Burke - All Night Long
Ali Rameez - Heyo Haaluga
Alicia Villarreal Pedro Fernandez - Acompaname
All New Influence - 101 Thousand Things
All The Right Moves - Dear Sunset
Allison Shank - Unfortunately
Allona - Someones Always Saying Goodbye
Ally Burnett - We Wouldve Broken Up Once You Heard This Song Anyway
Ally Calp - The Doctors Say Youre Incurable
Ally Heman - Better
Ally Heman - Nowhere Fast
Ally Mainor - Goodbye To You
Ally Mainor - I Hate This Part
Ally Rhodes - Gray
Ally Rhodes - Parts Of You
Alm Uk - First Love
Alone And Acoustic - Adorable
Alter Egon - En Dator Maste Man Ha
Alton Ellis - Im Still In Love
Altyan Childs - Somewehre In The World
Alyanna Galvan - From A Distance
Alyssa Bernal - All I Need
Alyssa Bernal - Cali Cali Cali
Alyssa Reid - Alone Again
Amanda Imani - Selamilah Cinta
Amanda Perez - Angel
Amber Dotson - Ill Try Anything
Amber Lily - How Do I Know
Amer - Janji Kronik
Amer - Kami Malaysia
Amer - Ku Menderita
Ammature Transplants - Youre A Peodophile
Among Thieves - City On Our Knees
Amp - Falling For You
Amp - Your Missing Out
Amy - Love On My Arms
Amy Mastura - Bagaikan Puteri
Amy Pearson - Ready To Fly
Amy Watson - Love You Like I Do
Amylie - Mes Oreilles
An Epic No Less - Greatness Of Our God
An Epic No Less - We Need You
Ancient Cat Society - The Leaves
Andie Macdowell - Sittin By The Side Of The Road
Andreas Carlsen - When Are Im Going To See
Andreas Holm - I Will Forever Be Here
Andreas Moe - Long Time Acoustic
Andrew Allen - Loving You Tonight
Andrew Ens - Rileys Song
Andrew Grajek - Itll Be Alright
Andrew Landon - Love You So
Andrew Read - Never Long
Andrew Sexton - Entombed
Andrew Simple - I Got Your Back
Andy Grammer - Keep Your Head Up
Andy Gullahorn - Desperate Man
Andy Stewart - Donald Wheres Your Trousers
Angaraag Mahanta - Eibeli Muk
Angaraag Mahanta - Phagunor Posuwa Baa
Angaraag Mahanta - Ujaiye Jaa Noi
Angela Aki - Kiss Me Goddbye
Angela Durand - The Outhouse Parody Of House Of The Rising Sun
Angela Graham - I Live I Breathe
Angelmoth - Gone Away
Ani - Under My Skin
Anna Noa - Sleepless
Annalee Chiswell - Still Time
Anne Linnet - Tusind Stykker
Anne Mattila - Taivaan Kartta
Anne Murray - A Little Good News
Anne Murray - Another Sleepless Night
Anne Murray - Blessed Are The Believers
Anne Murray - Cotton Jenny
Anne Murray - Just Another Woman In Love
Anne Murray - You Wont See Me
Antique - Satu Bintang
Apk - If You Only Knew
Aprilla - Freaks Of Nature
Arcady - My School Song
Archipelago - Mri
Area 52 - Smile
Ariana Gillis - Caroline
Ariane - Hey Connolly
Arnob - Chai
Arsi Nami - Heaven Knows Wwwarsitk
Artebe - Couldnt Breathe
Artebe - Deadlocked
Artebe - Down And Out
Artebe - Hey Cuckoo
Artebe - Lay Down Low
Artebe - Spell
Artebe - Strange Forces
Artless Rejection - Fork In The Road
Ascend The Hill - How Great Tho Art
Ashes Remain - Everything Good
Ashlee Hewitt - About A Boy
Ashlee Hewitt - Mikes Hard Lemonade
Ashley Davies - Hold On
Asking For It - This Is How Im Gonna Live
Ass Ponys - Dried Up
Ass Ponys - Only
Astha - Atma
Astring Asoul - Goodbye
Atticus - This Crazy World
Audra Lynn - Without You
August And Telma - Tell Me
August Rush - Something Inside
Auld Triangle - Doug Anthony All Stars
Aulie - Liverpool8
Austin Criswell - Lullaby
Austin Kyle - A Song For Bethany
Austin Kyle - I Miss You
Australian Blonde - Chup Chup
Avade - Where Did You Go
Avalanche City - Love Love Love
Avenue Q - The Internet Is For Porn
Axel Hard - The Breakthrough
Ayani - Sayap Lara
Aziz Harun - Peace And Harmony
Azn Dreamers - If You Were My Girl
B-Sharps - Baby On Board
Babalot - Bruciare
Babalot - Canzone Di Protesta Contro I Cantautori
Babalot - La Cosa
Babalot - La Lavatrice E Il Muro
Babalot - Ma Che Ti Ho Fatto
Babalot - Maggio
Babalot - Malattia Di Luglio
Babalot - Schifo
Babalot - Spillatrice
Babalot - Vuoto
Backbone - My Love
Backdraft-Mighty Quinn
Backway - My Paradise Acoustic
Bad Sam - I Dont Care
Balance Problems - Blankets In The Grass
Band Geeks - Sweet Victory
Banyuhay Ni Heber - Tayoy Mga Pinoy
Barangy Love Stories - Alaala
Barbara George - I Know
Barbarossa - Stones
Barend Servet - Waar Moet Dat Heen
Barry And The Tamerlanes - I Wonder What Shes Doing Tonight
Bash - Our Way
Basic Printer - Control
Bass Ma Boom - Le Marginal
Bau - Warkah Sindarela Ost
Bb Mc - You Left Me
Be Honest Ruth Bryan - Thirteen
Beardyman - Where Does Your Mind Go Acoustic
Beau Regan - From This Place
Beautiful Creation - Young Dee
Bed Intruder Song - Evan Gregory
Beings Of Terra - The Erratic Epoch
Bellmannboerup - Nu Er Jord Og Himmel Stille
Bellnotes - Ive Had It
Ben Baird - This Love
Ben West - From The Start
Ben West - Hey Catalina
Ben West - Simply Easy
Ben West - This Thing Called Love
Benjamin Jameson Morey - I Was Very Small In Her Stomach
Benjamin Siksou - On The Ground
Bensem - Why I Cry
Bergendy - A 34-Es Konel
Berlin Mitte - Battlefield
Berlin Mitte - Nicht Ohne Dich
Bernard Dinata - Dont Say Goodnight
Bernd Gast - Du Bleibst Immer Bei Mir
Beta Radio - Either Way
Beth Croft - Found In You
Bethany Joy Galotti - Elsewere
Betty Everett - Its In His Kiss Shoop Shoop Song
Beyond Ariose - Stargazer
Big 10-4 - Dead Man
Big Blue X - Escapism Generation Waste
Big Bopper Jp Richardson - Chantilly Lace
Big John Khat And The Highland Blues Band - Mr Lonely
Big John Khatt And The Highland Blues Band - Dark As A Dungeon
Big John Khatt And The Highland Blues Band - Darlin Corey
Big John Khatt And The Highland Blues Band - I Am A Pilgrim
Big John Khatt And The Highland Blues Band - Proud Mary
Big John Khatt And The Highland Blues Band - Saint Louis Blues
Big John Khatt And The Highland Blues Band - She Drives Me Crazy
Big John Khatt And The Highland Blues Band - Tangled Mind
Big John Khatt And The Highland Blues Band - The Tarriers Song
Big John Khatt And The Highland Blues Band - Wear My Ring
Big John Khatt The Highland Blues Band - Rock A Beatin Boogie
Big Sleep - A Girl With A Washing Machine
Big Thing - Iyong Iyo
Bill Anderson - If You Can Live With It
Bill Ricchini - A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door
Billy Bland - Let The Little Girl Dance
Billy Fury - Halfway To Paradise
Billy Lee Riley - High-Heeled Sneakers
Billy Lee Riley - Red Hot
Billy Lee Riley - Trouble Bound
Billy Mcbolan - Dublins Got What You Aint Got
Billy Mcbolan - The Tears In Marys Eyes
Billy Williams - Im Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
Biondo - Shine
Biquini Cavado - Dani
Bird By Bird - Delirious
Bitter Angels - Please
Black Design - Prometheus
Black Phoenix - Sun And Snow
Blackdot - Enigma
Blackdot - The Closed Fist Of Fury
Blackened Blues - Down
Blahblahblahgaming - Its Herobrine
Blake Franze - Indescribable
Blank - Tonight
Blank Memories - Nada Penari Cinta
Bliss - Hundred Thousand Angels
Blond Boy Grut And The Groans - Rose Of Sharon
Bloodstains - Its Not My Blood
Blue Knob Rural Fire Brigade - The Story Of Harriet Fraser
Blue Rail - Ill Miss You
Blutengel - Iron Heart
Bob B Soxx And The Blue Jeans - Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Bob Detroit - 2012
Bob Gillman - Bind Us Together
Bob Luman - All Night Long
Bob Luman - Lets Think About Livin
Bob Luman - The Great Snowman
Bob Sinclar Feat Ben Onono - Rainbow Of Love
Bobbi Martin - Dont Forget I Still Love You
Bobby And His Orbits - Felicia
Bobby Bloom - Montego Bay
Bobby Comstock - Stomp
Bobby Curtola - Fortune Teller
Bobby Curtola - Hitch-Hiker
Bobby Curtola - Three Rows Over
Bobby Curtola - Walkin With My Angel
Bobby Hendry - Jeremy And Larissa
Bobby Lewis - Tossin And Turnin
Bobby Rydell - Forget Him
Bobby Rydell - Good Time Baby
Bobby Rydell - Sway
Bobby Rydell - Wild One
Bobby Valentine - Our Blood Pumps Red And Blue
Bobby Villain - Coming Home Theme To The Danny Band
Bobby Villain - Mr Tyler
Bobi Rocky Road - Veruvaj Mi
Bondhitree - Xl Ki Kudiyan
Bow Thayer - The Bitters
Boyce And Hart - I Wonder Whats Shes Doing Tonight
Boye - Dosta Dosta Dosta
Boys2Hunks - Gone Are The Days
Brad Kilman - Reign On High
Bradley Sunderland - Rosina
Bradley W - Mudstick
Brady Hancock - Heyzeus
Brady Woodruff - Liealot
Branded - Reflection
Break 27 - Forever Wanting
Break The Silence - Iris
Breaking Pangaea - Worst Part
Breakoriginals - Shes Too Good For Everyone
Brenda Lee - Ride Ride Ride
Brenda Lee - Thats All You Gotta Do
Brendan Hines - If I Were You
Brendan Hines - Miss New York
Brendan Kelly - Kiss The Bottle
Brent Jordan - Thrift Store T Shirt
Brent The Gay Gang - Caffeine Pills Are Stupidness
Brett Domino - Gillian Mckeith
Brett Stowell - Fly Away With Me
Brighterside - Right Now
Britannia High - Proud Jez
Broken Chords - Higher Now
Broken Heart College - Something We Call Love
Brooke Bentondinah Washington - Youve Got What It Takes
Bruce Berger - Alle Kinder Dieser Erde Maennerherzen
Bruce Berger - Ganz Ganz Grosse Liebe Maennerherzen 2
Bruno - Dove Of Peace
Brysi - The Song For Bks
Buddy Knox - Devil Woman
Buddy Knox - Hula Love
Buddy Knox - Lovey Dovey
Buddy Knox - Party Doll
Buddy Knox - Taste Of The Blues
Bugoy - Paano Na Kaya
Bugoy Drilon - Muli
Bugoy Drilon - Paano Na Kaya
Bunga Citra Lestari - Aku Tak Mau Sendiri
Burden Tree - Shooting Star
Busted - I Miss Her
Busted - Sectret Admierer
Butterflies - Liz Golden
C S Martin - Cant Be Done
Cadenza - Who Are U To Blame
Caffeine - Kau Yang Tlah Pergi
Caffeine - Yang Tak Pernah
Caitlin Cameron - Stab My Back Remix
Caitlin Dull - The Outside
Caitlyn Sarmiento - Comtemplating
Caleb Rowden - Made
Caleb Schaffer - Purgatory
Call To Glory - Roll With Me
Callum Marshall - When I Come Around
Calzada - Iiyak Na Lang
Cam Nielsen - Let You Know
Cameron Defaria - Always
Cameron Henderson - 3 Beautiful People
Camila Moreno - Lo Cierto
Camp Scherman - The Scherman Song
Campaign - In Your Presence
Can Gox - Haydar Haydar
Candy Lo - Hao Xin Fen Shou
Cante Al Seor - Vertical
Captain And Tenille - Love Will Keep Us Together
Captain Universe And The Milky Ways - Scars
Captain Universe And The Milky Ways - Vienna At My Feet
Caramel - Llekdnr
Carefee - Anak
Careless - Everything Goes Away
Carlisa Monteiro - Phir Dekhiye
Carlos Miranda - Conmigo
Carmina Topacio - I Dont Want To Love Another
Caroline Smith - Tying My Shoes
Carsinogen - More Than Tuition Chords
Carsinogen - Northern Dreams
Carter Hulsey - Black And Blue
Carter Hulsey - Dreaming Of Heaven
Casey D Nease - Consumed By Natasha And Casey
Casey D Nease - Its A Beautiful Day
Cassino - New Jerusalem
Cat The Dog - Gotta Leave
Cathexis - Talsiuyo 2 Hintay
Cathexis - Tampisaw
Cathy Jean The Roommates - Please Love Me Forever
Cave Man Cowboy - Love Will Never Change
Cave Man Cowboy - My Love For You
Cave Man Cowboy - Rock N Roll Romance
Cave Man Cowboy - Wish You Were Dead
Celebrad A Cristo Celebrad - Himno
Cfcyfl Jband - Live For You
Cfcyfl Jband - More In Him
Cfcyfl Jband - Strength In God
Cfcyfl Jband - Your Promise
Chad Hatcher - Do It All Again
Changcuters - Hijriah Ke London
Chapterseven - Sore Forever Youll Be In My Heart
Charice Pempengco - It Can Only Get Better
Charli - Different Kind Of Girl
Charlie Hawley - Pebble
Charlie Reid - Still See You
Charlotte Elaine Ashfield - Sunshine
Chartbusters - Shes The One
Cheap Sober - Friday Night Forever
Chelsea Marie - Moving On
Chester See - God Damn Youre Beautiful
Chevas Regal - 1001 Cara
China Forbes - Gone
Chizpyaz - Missing Those Days
Chloe Bee - Delete
Chongkeys - Diksyunaryo
Chris Andrews - Pretty Belinda
Chris Andrews - Stop That Girl
Chris Andrews - To Whom It Concerns
Chris Andrews - Yesterday Man
Chris Christian - From The Start
Chris Ireland - Someday
Chris Moerman - Song Of Moses
Chris Montez - Call Me
Chris Ramos - Break Up Song
Chris Rene - Young Homie
Chris Syler - Contigo Siempre
Chris White Band - D Medley
Christa Black - California Sunshine
Christa Black - The View
Christie Dupree - Come With Me
Christina Grimmie - Liar Liar
Christine Flores-Cozza - Waiting For You
Chuck Jackson And Maxine Brown - Hold On Im Comin
Chuck Willis - Cc Rider
Chuck Willis - Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes
Chuck Willis - What Am I Livin For
Chyi Yu - Tears Donde Voy
Ciaran Qute - The Octopus
Cico - Bayangan Rindu Potret Mistik Theme
Cigarettes And Tea - Before I Speak
Cilantro - El Perro
Circleslide - Little Bird
Claire Warrior - Last Thoughts Last Words
Clanetteomi - Nagsisisi Ako
Claris - Irony
Class Of 55 - This Train
Claude King - Wolverton Mountain
Clive Palmer - Oh Bright Eyed One
Club 8 - Baby Im Not Sure If This Is Love
Club 8 - Boyfriends Stay
Club 8 - Cold Hearts
Club 8 - Someday
Club 8 - Whatever You Want
Clyde Mcphatter - Lover Please
Cocoon - On My Way
Cody - Down In The Dark
Coffey Southern Man - Let Me Love You
Cohen And The Ghost - First Child Still Life
Colby Domino - Frisco To Lubbock
Colby Yates - Headin To The Rodeo
Colby Yates - If I Had A Million
Cole Heketoa - Hero Of My Heart
Cole Heketoa - In My World
Cole Heketoa - Youre The Fire
Colenso Parade - Fall At Your Feet
Colenso Parade - I Walked You Skipped
Colin Buchanan - Press On Mums
Colonel Bagshot - Six Day War
Colour Revolt - Moses Of The South
Colourless - Copper
Columbo - Mlc
Comic Relief - Cuando
Comic Relief - Nuay Mas
Comit Solution - Homesick
Completely Anointed - I Am Anointed
Concept - For One More Day
Conflicted Crash - Palm Trees
Connie Stevens - Sixteen Reasons
Conor B Moriarty - I Wrote This Before I Knew You
Coolio - Fleeble Jeeble
Cooper - Buzo
Cope - The Shotgun
Corday - Skin
Corner Kid - Beauty And The Priest
Corporate Circus - Fools Paradise
Cory Asbury - So Good To Me
Cougar Town - Morning Routine Song
Courtney Jones - Weightless
Cranius - Darrowshire
Crimson Addiction - Santa Fe Boulevard
Crimson Addiction - Song For Someone
Crimson Soul - 4Am
Crimson Soul - Goodbye
Cris Cab - Take You Away
Crispian St Peter - The Pied Piper
Crispian St Peters - Pied Piper
Crispy Strauters - The Art Of Dreaming
Cristy Woodson - What Do You Feel
Crook - Mere Bina
Crowley Brothers - Radio
Crush - 3Gs
Crystal Bernard - Dont Touch Me There
Cue - Burnin
Cultura Profetica - Baja La Tension
Cultura Profetica - La Complicidad
Cultura Profetica - Rimas Pa Seducir
Cunejo - Friendster
Cupcacke Co - White Horse
Cupcake Co - White Horse
Cupids Inspiration - Yesterday Has Gone
Curse One - Nabihag Mo
Curtis Lee And The Halos - Pretty Little Angel Eyes
Cute Demons - Smanliku
D 316 - First Rock Concert
D Lykkeskov D Luxe - Sommerferiesangen
D51 - Sepia
Dacoda Phillips - Cant Keep From Falling
Dadali - Di Saat Aku Mencintaimu
Daddy Dewdrop - Chick A Boom
Dakota Suite - When Skies Are Grey
Dallas Crane - Keep Your Head High Bella Mae
Dan Deemert - Dont Close The Line
Dan Kamit - Soleils Daout
Dan Scotty - Say Goodbye
Dana Glover - Truth Lies
Dandy Livingstone - Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
Dani Shay - Perfect
Daniel Alexander Kablack - Bring Me Back Lover
Daniel Bashta - Heaven
Daniel Doherty - By The Deep Blue Sea
Daniel Lamere - Praise You
Daniela Andrade - Things Weve Said
Danish - Kre Linedanser
Danny Mahon - Odd Socks
Danyel Gerard - Butterfly
Darren Cris - Ginny
Dave Coffin - My Gratitude
Dave Davies - Death Of A Clown
Dave Mccullen - Let Me Know
Davedays - 8 Years Apart
David And David - Welcome To The Boomtown
David Castle - Ten To Eight
David Mayfield Parade - Breath Of Love
David R Mohr - Bourbon Cowboy
David R Mohr - I Hope
David Ramos - Come To Kiss
David Zelko - How Lovely She Is
David Zelko - Tuesdays Gone
Davis Truong - Lets Go To The Beach
Dax Riggs - Ghost Movement
Dax Riggs - Living Is Suicide
Dax Riggs - Night Is The Notion
Dead Cool Dropouts - Green Eyes Make Me Blue
Dead Electrics - Jenny
Deadbeats - Kill The Hippies
Deadman - Doris No Tegami
Dean Fields - Half Hearted Apology
Debbye Graafsma - To Him Who Sits On The Throne
Declan Henry - Maddys Song
Dedratz - Aint No Stars Tonight
Dee Clark - Raindrops
Dee Dee Sharp - Gravy
Deep Shrestha - Kati Kamjor
Deepest Blue - Shooting Star
Deh Bugs - Lyst Paarae Tonight
Delara - Gumising
Denis Richard - Petit-Rocher
Denito - Song For You
Dennis Trillo - Gagambino
Dependent 613 - Crawling
Der Er Noget I Luften - Original
Der Schuh Des Manitu - Superperforator
Der Tagtraeumer - Meerkoenigin
Derek - Cinnamon
Derek Cate - Guess I Was Wrong
Derek Cate - Notice Me
Desmond Dekker And The Aces - The Israelite
Devin Fox - Hooked On You
Devon Tome - For You And Me
Dewey Cox - Dear Mr President
Dewey Cox - Royal Jelly
Dhan - A Love Like No Other
Dialogues - Lord Have Mercy
Diana Rose - Dancing In Center Field
Dick And Deedee - Thou Shalt Not Steal
Dickey Lee - Patches
Did You Know - Deks Gonzales
Digimon - Eine Vision
Dinah Washington - September In The Rain
Dino Joubert - Whisky Pills
Disagree - Crumbs
Disagree - Suicide Note
Disaster Movie - Im Dating Matt Damon
Disbelief - A Fish Named Goat
Discovery Channel - Boom De Ada
Dj Antoine - Welcome To St Tropez
Dobie Gray - The In Crowd65
Dobrody Akos - Side By Side
Dog Is Dead - Young
Don Partridge - Rosie
Don Potter - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Don Rondo - White Silver Sands
Donerightjr - Chatroulette Love Song
Donnie Brooks - Mission Bell
Dont Stop Or Well Die - She Got Titties In All The Right Places
Dorothy Moore - Misty Blue
Dos Dedos - 1800 Transvestite Sluts
Dos Dedos - Gimme Booze Gimme Drugs
Dos Dedos - I Dont Wanna Work Aarons Fault
Dos Dedos - Im Only Happy
Dos Dedos - Omae To Fuck Shitaize
Dos Dedos - Punch Me In The Face
Dos Gringos - Jeramiah Weed
Downscindrome Okult Klub - The Rise Up
Drawn To Life The Next Charapter - This Is Real Life
Driven Youth Band - Save Me
Drop Dead Julio - Breaking News Acoustic
Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand
Dulce Comunion - Himno
Duster - Dek-A-Doodle-Dandy
Duster - Gps
Duster - Gucci Gang
Duster - Miss Me
Duster - Potluck
Duster - Sexxing The Cherry
Duvall - Ill Be Around
Dwight Liles - Living Sacrifice
Dylan Saunders - Kick It Up A Notch
Dylan Taylor - Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Dyna - Kenanganku
Dyr I Drift - Mr Big Bang
Ebbot And Mattias - Coming Down Cold
Ebe Dancel - Muli
Ebekenezer - Aso Como David Danzaba
Echofela - Girls Girls Ladies
Ed Drewett - Champagne Lemonade
Ed Helms - Stus Song The Hangover
Eddie Arnold - I Want To Go With You
Eddie Arnold - Im Throwing Rice
Eddie Hodges - Girls Girls Girls Are Made To Love
Eddie Kilgallon - Happy Mothers Day
Eddie Miller - Release Me
Eddplant - Hum The Tune
Eddplant - Youre Not There
Edds World - Happy Birthday Tord
Edward Gamblin - Mean Little Lady
Ef-El - Die Here Weet
Eitre - William Taylor
Elektricni Orgazam - Kapetan Esid
Elephant Parade - Velcro
Ellen And The Echo - Fool To Forget Acoustic
Ellie Mayhew - Something Beautiful
Ellington - In A Lonley Place
Elliott - Drive On To Me
Ello - Masih Ada
Ello Govna - Baylee
Elnur And Samir - Day After Day
Emergency Music - This Is A Wilderness
Emily Denton - I Dont Mind
Emily Miller - Take My Life
Emily Packer - I Could Write A List About Him
Emily Sparks - Down In Virginia
Emma Louise - Jungle
Empires - Hayley
Emtiness - Rohan Rathore By Yash
Endah N Rhesa - When You Love Someone
Endou Kenji - Bob Lennon
Energija - Snage Mi Ponestaje
Enfield - Alive In Christ
Enigmatics - Haunted
Ep - Fitrat
Episent - He Has Come
Eric Dill - End Of Me And You
Eric Dill - Postcards From Hollywood
Eric Hassle - Hurtful
Eric Kufs - Union Dues
Eric M Hunter - Ronnie Coleman Light Weight Baby A Tribute Song
Eric Owyoung - 5
Eric Shelby - Abandoned Eyes
Eric Shelby - Call Girl
Eric Shelby - Envy
Eric Shelby - Match 22
Eric Shelby - Punk Princess
Eric Shelby - Seven Seven
Eric Shelby - Turn Up The Twilight
Eric Shelby - Yes You
Erick Baker - My Two Left Feet
Erik Anders - Wandering
Erik Hassle - Hurtful
Erin Starnes - Search Me
Ernest Monias - Standing By The River
Ernie Marcesa - Shout Shout Knock Yourself Out
Erti Persahabatan - Didi Cazli
Escuchad Oh Tierna Madre - Purisima - Nicaraguan Folk Song
Esokkan Masih Ada - Utha Likumahua
Eternally Yours
Evelyn Evelyn - You Only Want Me Cause You Want My Sister
Every Mothers Son - Come On Down To My Boat
Everybody Worship - Break Through
Exit 9 - Without An Ending
Eyedie Gorme - Blame It On The Bossa Nova
Fairjojo Band - Walking As One
Fall Winter - View Of Mine
Fallen Angel - Hope Acoustic
Falling - Iration
Falling With Style - Isnt That Colour A Little Bright For A Ninja
Famous Break - The Story Of Your Life
Fancy - Flames Of Love
Fancycakes - Lihim
Far Too Long - Will Elmhorst
Farewell - Hey Heather
Farewell Goodbye - Taylor Gomez
Farfalla - Lets Go To The City
Faron Young - Hello Walls
Fascinoma - Dont Go Acoustic
Fazli Zainal - Harapan
Feathery Dreams - One Step To The Sun
Felix Meyer - Der Reichste Mann
Fellowship Church - Everlasting God
Feverpitch - Creators
Fictionjunction Yuuka - Akatsuki No Kuruma
Finnegans Lads - Whiskeyday Everyday
Five Worlds - Ill Never Forget
Flamboyant Bella - My Skies
Flametal - Master Of The Aire
Flamingo - Summerrain
Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal
Florence Valentin - Pokerkvall I Varby Gard
Florian Reza - A Quantum Of Solace
Florian Reza - Eine Rosarote Brille
Flyover State - Terra Cotta
Folk Face - My Lamb Bhuna
Fondue Pot - Pieces Of A Heart
Fongoo Tribute - Pagkanindut
Fongoo Tribute - Sana
For Our Hero - Our After Party Is
For The Lost - Singing In Circles
Forever Road - Grandpa
Four Aces - Heart Of My Heart
Four Wall - Everlast
Foxes Have Foxholes - Mary Magdalene
Francis Custodio - Kills Me Inside
Francis Custodio - Shout It Out
Frankie Laine - Jezebel
Frankie Laine - Laura
Frankie Laine - The Moonlight Gambler
Frausdots - Soft Light
Fred Hammond - You Are The Living Word
Freddie And The Dreamers - If You Got To Make A Fool Of Somebody
Frederic Vitani - We Can Be Strong
Frederik Larson - 32 Songs In 8 Minuttes
Free Credit Report - Dreamgirl
Free Credit Report - Rockstar
Free Men And Romance - Hjartad
Freely - Portrait
Fridaynightheroes - Saturday Night
Frodo - Marina
Fujiwara Marina - Tsuki No Mienai Yoru Ni
Fukami Rika - Natsuhiboshi
Gabrielle Aplin - Never Fade
Gale Storm - Dark Moon
Gale Storm - Ivory Tower
Game On - For Alla Oss
Gangster - Bheegi Bheegi
Garrett Hedlund And Leighton Meester - Give In To Me
Gary Go - Wonderful
Gary Us Bonds - New Orleans
Gary Us Bonds - Quarter To Three
Gastown Royals - Girls Cant Fly Jetpacks
Gemini - Steal Your Love Away
Gemma Sadler - Last Day
Generation Church - What Joy
Genies - Whos That Knocking
Genta - Planet Me
George Baker Selection - Una Paloma Blanca
Georgia Gibbs - Kiss Of Fire
Geraldine Mcqueen - Winners Song
Get Well Soon - Christmas In Adventure Parks
Giancarlo Cervelli - La Fine Di Una Storia
Gillmor - Hey
Gimme Danger - Tears Stupid Tears
Gimp - Supernothing
Gina Lenn - Ill Be The One Howling In Your Sky
Gina Rachmaninova - A Beautiful Future
Girls - Hellhole Ratrace
Girls Dead Monster - Highest Life
Girls Do Rock - Not The Only One
Giving My Best - Esok Kan Kujelang
Glasspear - Last Day Of Your Life
Glavox - Fader Vr
Glenn Case - Spineless
Glennis Grace - Afscheid
Glitterdrive - Blender
Glued Soul - Dry And Cold Ice
Glued Soul - Home Sweet Home
Go Sailor - Blue Sky
Go Sailor - Ray Of Sunshine
Go Sailor - Together Forever In Love
God Bless - Musisi
Godwin - Those Days
Goelae - Traene
Goma - Govina Jai Jai Hari Sharanam
Goma - Still I Wake Up In The Morning Thinking Of You
Goodnight Fellows - Not A Thing
Gordon Garner - Heaven Got Another Angel
Gosia Andrzejewicz - Pozwol Zyc
Gospel Song - He Is My Everything
Grace Petrie - Emily Davison Blues
Gracenote - Far Away
Graduation Batch Of 2011 - Anymore
Gran Via - Adeline
Gran Via - Fall
Gran Via - Grace
Gran Via - Marina
Great Big Planes - Gonna Be In Love
Gred And Forge - Our Fireworks Say Poo
Greg Hartwell - Be One
Greg Pherigo - Noncommittal
Greg Pherigo - One More Try
Grey Sky Morning - Cinta Gila
Gridlock - Light In The Window
Grieving For Grace - Still
Griffin Village - Autumn Derpy Hooves
Grimreepaz - Imma Ditto Ov Ellipsis
Grotesco - Bogarnas Fel
Ground Crew - Raccoon
Grover Anderson - Dandylyin
Guang Liang - Dou Shi Ni
Guy Mitchell - Charlies Shoes
Guy Mitchell - Knee-Deep In The Blues
Guy Mitchell - Singin The Blues
Gwyneth Paltrow - Coming Home
H-Burns - Big City Blues
Halcyon - Every Cell
Halfdan Rasmussen - Lille Sky Gik Morgentur
Hanklet69 - The Darian Song
Hannah Georgas - The Beat Stuff
Happy New Fear - Talking About Religion
Harrison Hudson - Little Girl
Hashmir - Artificial Paradise
Hatch Winik - Simply Me
Have You Ever Lived Our Lives - Angiepint
Heather Brevard - Dont Cry
Heinz - Just Like Eddie
Hello Gumption - Spinning As We Go
Hellsongs - Seasons In The Abyss
Herb Alpert - This Guys In Love
Here I Am - 4Men
Herrenmagazin - Lnbrg
Hey Girl - Freddy Scott
Hey Ocean - Alleyways
Hey Say Jump - Star Time Accoustic
Hezy Levy - Jerusalem Of Gold
Hidden Response - Last Kiss
Highly Amused - Recreation
Ho Bich Ngoc - Nhung Ngay Thu Bay Trong Nam
Hogan - Jealousy
Hogs With A Mike - Now Your Gone
Hoodie Allen - You Are Not A Robot
Hope Henderson - If I Die Young
Horse Fashion - Double Flip
Hugh Laurie - A Protest Song
Human Beinz - Nobody
Humane - Wish God Was A Woman
Hummmr - Dont
Hunting Grounds - In Colour
Hwvci - Joy Joy
Hydra - Hold On
I Am Arrows - Green Grass
I Am Arrows - Nice Try
I Am Arrows - Nun
I Cant Stop Loving You
I Surf Alone - Detroit Boy
I Surf Alone - Summer Days
I Surf Alone - The Secret
Ian Dsa Noble Blood - Land Of A Thousand Hills
Ian Whitcomb - You Really Turn Me On
Ibcpraise - A Su Nombre Gloria
Ibcpraise - Digno Y Santo
Ica Reklam - Flaskkotlett
Ice Band - Endless Roads I Wouldnt Wanna Go Back Home
Icf Zurich Worship Band - Take A Stand
Icon - Forever Young
Ida Ross - Loves Stronger Then Death
If Id Had The Nerve - Ally Rhodes
Ikke Noget - Mit Hjerte
Ill See You In My Dreams - Joe Brown
Im A Criminal - Paul Reddick And The Sidemen
Im Not Deadim Not A Robot - Six Seconds Old
Imperio Dos Sentados - Longe De Ti
In Christ Alone - Keith Getty
In Spades - Eggnog And Rum Sounds Pretty Dumb
In Spades - Walk Me Home
In Your Presence - Lynn Deshazo
Indigo - Istimewa
Indonesian Voice - Rumah Kita
Industry - State Of The Nation
Inteam - Impian Kasih
Ipang - Sahabat Kecil
Iration - Falling
Irigy Honaljmirigy - Negro
Irony Of The Situation - Suffocating
Isa Lei - Traditional Fijian
Isaac Lister - The Profiteer
Isabel Arroyo - El Cuerpo Del Deseo
Isak Strand - Heading For The Mountain
Ishqiya - Dil To Bachha Hai Ji
Iskander - A Labio Dulce
Isklander - A Labio Dulce
Issued - Everyday
It Can Only Get Better
Itchy Daze - Monster
Itchy Lighthouse - Too Tired To Talk
Its All Wrong - Borderline
Itto - Today
Ivri Lider - Jesse
Iwan Rheon- Simple Song
Iztok Mlakar - En Glaz Vina Mi Dej
J Reyez - Wedding Dress
J-Uke - Dont
Jack And Rai - The Fa La La Song
Jack Anthony Cox - My Gorilla Friend
Jack Conte - Long Long Time Ago
Jack Conte - Yeah Yeah Yeah
Jack Francis - Mary
Jack Scott - Geraldine
Jack Scott - I Never Felt Like This
Jack Scott - Is There Something On Your Mind
Jack Scott - It Only Happened Yesterday
Jack Scott - My Dream Come True
Jack Scott - Oh Little One
Jade Wright And Ellis Mccarthy - Summer Days
Jaime Garchitorena - Just A Smile Away
Jake And Judd - Demons Inside Of Me
Jake Hamann - Still Feeling
Jake Heke - Here Is My Heart
Jambuli - Dudukebi
James A Cowan - When Its All Been Said And Done
James Charles Miller - The Devil
James Oliver Pearl - Holy Spirit Desced On Us
James Vadala - Just Maybe
James Wilson - Run To You
Jamie Rodwell - Light Up The Sky
Jammin W Jelly - Kick It Up A Notch
Jan And Arnie - Jennie Lee
Jana Kramer - I Wont Give Up
Janse - Silent Night
January Se7Enth - I Cant Go On
Jared Lee - Its Over
Jarmels - A Little Bit Of Soap
Jarmels - Little Lonely One
Jason Castro - The Other Side
Jason Manns Ft Jensen Ackles - Crazy Love
Jason Sweet - Savior
Jason Sweet Only One
Jay And The Lovebirds - I Am Yours
Jay Jay And The Kosher Jew Jews - 8 Year Old Sweatshop Worker
Jay Sparrow - Run
Jay The Americans - Come A Little Bit Closer
Jaymes Reunion - Fine
Jaymi Masters - I Cant Be Without You
Jaymi Masters - Who Knows Where Im Gonna Go
Jayr - No One Else
Jazzy J - Money Money Money
Jcmls - House Of God
Jdg - A Horrid Place Full Of Dark Nasty Things
Jean-Phillipe Verdin - Little Sister
Jeeloy - Venusia
Jeff Bernat - Ms Seductive
Jeff Black - Same Ole River
Jeff Howard - The College Song
Jeffrey Harper - Throw Open The Doors
Jennifer Chung - Almost
Jennifer Chung - I Dont Know Lets Sing
Jennifer Chung - Its Up To You
Jennifer Chung - You Won
Jennifer Gledhill - Breakthrough
Jennifer Gledhill - I Am Free
Jenny Gledhill - Guaranteed
Jenny Hyun - I Still Believe Inlove
Jeremy Little - If I Only Had A Brain
Jess Gottlieb - Reality
Jess Szalek - Velvet Crush
Jesse Chong Band - Sweet Summer Parade
Jesse Lee - Its A Girl Thing
Jessica Lucas - Baby You Know
Jestin Jones - I Would Be An Orchardist
Jetpaim - Ikaw At Ako
Jill Zimmerman - Deep Deep Deep
Jim Guittard - Hitting The Lotto
Jim Guittard - Rico
Jim Guittard - Stachkata
Jimi Ray - Redemption
Jimmy Bowen - Im Stickin With You
Jimmy Bowen - Im Stickin With Youcorrected
Jimmy Bowen - My Babys Gone
Jimmy Dean - Big Bad John
Jimmy Elledge - Funny How Time Slips Away
Jimmy Gilmer And The Fireballs - Daisy Petal Pickin
Jimmy Robbins - Everything To You
Jm De Guzman - Carried Away
Joanna Burns - Philadelphia
Joannna Newsom - Emily
Joe Brown And The Bruvvers - It Only Took A Minute
Joe Jeffery Group - My Pledge Of Love
Joe Jones - You Talk Too Much
Joey Dee And The Starlighters - Hey Lets Twist
Joey Dee And The Starlighters - Shout
Joey Fatone - Ready To Fall
Joey Fever - Sweetness
Joey Fever - Your Fire
Joey Richter - I Wanna Be
Johan Bals - Amandas Song
Johan Bals - Gruva
Johan Bals - Hverdagsvisa
Johannes Posse - Love O Mine
John G Elliot - Romans Doxology
John Gregory - Ride Of Your Life
John Kellette - Forever Blowing Bubbles
John-Ross - Jenny
Johnjamesvcr - Where Have The Prophets Gone
Johnny Cooper - Let It All Go
Johnny Crawford - Your Nose Is Gonna Grow
Johnny Flynn And Laura Marling - The Water
Johnny Powers - Long Blonde Hair
Johnny Ray - Just Walking In The Rain
Johnny Tillotson - Silver Bells
Johnny Unicorn - Aware Of The Bear
Johnreil Lymar - Gardan Angel
Johnreil Lymar - Hazel Eyes
Johnreil Lymar - Mosaan Ako
Johnreil Lymar - Ugat Sa Gugma
Jojje - Lovesong To Heni
Jolien Javornik - Someday
Jon - Barkerthank You For Being My Dad
Jon Jackson - Grand Canyon
Jon Lilygreen The Islanders - Life Looks Better In Spring
Jon Walker - Sun And Moon
Jonas Holmberg - Halleluljah
Jonas Selander - I Let This Town On Fire Represent Me
Jonas Selander - Shopping Carts And Broken Hearts
Jonathan King - Everyones Gone To The Moon
Jonathan Prawira - Jangan Lelah
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - This Time
Joni James - My Last Date
Jonnys Lunchbox - I Dont Know
Jonreil Lymar - Sa Pagpapatuloy Ng Buhay Ni Lando
Jonze - Woe Is Me
Jordan Mccoy - Next Ex Boyfriend
Jordan Saflor - Lay You Down
Jordyn Taylor - Strong
Jos Van Herreweghe - Again
Joseph Vincent - If You Stay
Josh Auer - Dear You
Josh Damigo - Crazy
Josh Gill - Song For You
Josh Leonhardt - Sometimes Smiling
Josh Nelson - Ldor Vador
Josh Pratt - Savior And King
Josh Wilsin - Savior Please
Joshi Van Veen - For The One
Joshua David - I Dont Want To Miss A Thing
Joshua Michael Robinson - If Youll Let Me
Joshua Moore - Do You Know How Much I Love You
Joshua Moore - Our Fairytale Ending
Joshua Stevens - Rock N Roll And Pensacola
Joshua Wilburn - Happy Song
Josiah Leming - To Run
Josiah Lemming - To Run
Jow Dowell - Little Red Rented Rowboat
Joystick - Lonchera
Julia Alvgard - Better Or Worse
Julia Liebe - Beste Freundin
Julia Sheer - Airliner Acoustic
Julia Sheer - You Will Never Be
Julia Sheer-The Hardest Thing
Julie Rogers - The Wedding Ave Maria
Jump N The Saddle Band - The Curly Shuffle
Junior - But If You Leave Me
Juris - Kapag Ako Ay Nagmahal
Juris - Opposites Attract
Just Another Day - Murdertheclams
Justin Duenne - The Real In Me
Jzone - Jesus Zone
Kaena - You Say
Kafkazka - Foldlako
Kagamine Rin - Kokoro
Kaitlyn - Friend
Kakkmaddafakka - Restless
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne - Piece Of Love
Kanae Ito - Metamerism
Karavan - Gardish
Kat Ritter - Just Me
Katamannaliffu- Suve Parim Osa
Kate Aumonier - Simple Heart
Kate Hurley - All Because Of You
Kate Hurley - Tree Branch
Kate Mcgill - As We Are
Kate Mcgill - Chaotic Peace Of Mind
Kate Mcgill - Let Go
Kate Mcgill - Little Boat
Kate Mcgill - Short Straw
Kate Mcgill - Trap
Katem3 Kate Mcgill - Match
Katie Costello - Cassette Tape
Katie Costello - How Do We Know
Katie Dill - This Bodys Only Rental
Katie Gale - Fallin
Kato Callebaut - The Joker
Katy Mcallister - Heres To The Heartbreakers
Katy Mcallister - Jupiter
Katy Mcallister - Not Cut Out Original
Katy Mcallister - Worth Fighting For
Katyia Gatziou - Revenge Is Sweet
Kav - Easy
Kaytee Faulkner - Magic
Kc Concepcion - Impossible
Keepsingingnow - Time Will Tell
Kehilangan - Firman
Keith Hampshire - Big Time Operator
Keith Hopwood - Big Moon Rising
Keith Hopwood - Gathering Rhubarb
Keith Shiner - Eventually
Keith Shiner - On Your Own
Kelly Chen - Love Paradise
Kelonide - Live For Today
Kelvin Cummings - Fountain Of Fun
Ken Beere - Love Rocket
Ken Copeland - Last Night
Ken Oak Band - Summers Kiss
Kent Schoch - Smoking Dope And Playing Guitar
Kertas - Kekasih Yang Tak Dianggap
Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock
Keys And Chords - One Last Chance
Kiani Manju - Raining Blood
Kick-Axe - Big Fools
Kids Of The Future - Life
Kilian Laverty - Geara
Kim Ah Joong - Byul
Kim Herold - Social Butterfly
Kim Meyer - My Hometown
Kinbaum - Without You
Kinetix - Worst Day
King For A Day - Time Of Your Life
King Raam - Shekarchi The Hunter
Kingdom Faith - Majestic King
Kira Stone - Peter Pan
Kitchen Porter - Anticlockwise
Kjr - Bend
Kjr - Morning Sun
Kjr - Nervous Kisser
Kjr - So So Good
Kjr - Starting Over Thing
Kjr - Try Harder
Kjr - Youre Still Young
Klaus Says Buy The Record - Tora Tora Tora
Koer - Maiu On Piimaauto
Kohmyx - Thousand Mile Away
Koike Teppei - Kimini Okuru Uta
Kollide - Ala Ala
Korey Dane - Oh Louise
Korgis - Change My Heart
Kretarto Niken - Hari Ini Kurasa Bahagia
Kris Allen - Falling Slowly
Kris Allen - Heartless
Kristin Pasive Ftjeanne Nacianceno - Youre All I Need
Kristina Timms - Boss
Kud - Sneeuwbob
Kultura Mescla - Our Marching Sons
Kurt Hunter - Get Animated
Kwento - Steamed Kamote
Kwoon - Schizophrenic
Kyle Wheeler - Answer The Phone
Kyle Wood - Under The Tree
La Crus - Lo Confesso
Lady Lenka - Show
Laib Laus - Thov
Laib Laus California - Laib Laus
Laka - Pokusaj
Laka - Stvorenje
Laka - Zec
Lake Stiles - If You Take An Effort
Lake Stiles - Why Cant They See
Lakkhichhara - Fire Esho
Lala - Stars
Language Room - Love Him
Larry Finnegan - Dear One
Larry Hall - Sandy
Larry Williams - Bony Maronie
Larry Williams - High School Dance
Larry Williams - Short Fat Fannie
Lars Lilholt - Hvidsten Kro
Las Populares - A Volar
Las Populares - Amigos Del Corazon
Latma - We Con The World
Laura Brannigan - Gloria
Lauren Black - Drink The Rain
Lauren Fairweather - Black Santas
Lauren Oconnell - It Wasnt You
Lauren Oconnell - Levers And Gears
Lauren Oconnell - Tangled Up Kites
Lauren Oconnell - The Daylight Here
Lauren Oconnell - Things I Panic About
Lauren Oconnell - What Breaks And What Doesnt
Lavern Baker - Jim Dandy
Lazywall - I Raise My Hand
Leaf - Motherfucker
Lecherous - Tinuod Nga Gugma
Lee Sun Hee - Fox Rain
Leekspin - Leekspin Song
Legal In The Uk - On The Edge
Len Barry - 1-2-3
Lenny The Piss Poor Boys - Leaving In The Morning
Les Mysterieuses Cites Dor - Enfant Du Soleil
Les Paul Mary Ford - Via Con Dios
Lestari - Mahligaimu Dari Airmataku
Letsmakeascene - Its Your Turn Make A Move Kid
Letsmakeascene - Leaving It Behind Its Harder Than I Thought
Letter Day Story - Ikaw Pa Rin
Letter Day Story - Ikaw Parin
Letzte Instanz - Wann
Lex Land - As Much As You Lead
Lexter - Hey Friend
Liam - Falls Ich Dich Einhol
Liam Lawton - Clouds Veil
Liasfos - Its Not Over
Liasfos - The Day You Said You Loved Me
Liezel Garcia - Gisingin Ang Puso
Life Fire - Broken
Light The City - Translations Acoustic
Lightning Love - Wait Wait
Lil Rain - Adore You
Lim Kok Wing - Satu Malaysia
Linda Eder - Until I Dont Love You Anymore
Linval Thompson - I Love Marijuana
Lisa - Hallelujah
Lisa Redford - Makes Your Heart Sing
Lisa Redford - The Boy Who
Little Anthony And The Imperials - Shimmy Shimmy Coco Bop
Little Eva - The Locomotion
Little Jackie - The World Should Revolve Around Me
Little Jimmy Dickens - May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
Little Willie John - All Around The World
Little Willie John - Fever
Little Willie John - Leave My Kitten Alone
Liveloud - I Know
Living Daylights - Decide
Living Hope Worship - I Cry Out
Living Hope Worship - The Journey
Liz Ball - Addicted
Liz Ball - Life Death And Everything In Between
Liz Ball - What Will Be Left When I Open My Eyes
Liz Lee - The Funeral
Lloyd Price - Just Because
Lloyd Price - Personality
Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee
Loke - Balladen Om Brassarna
Loke Nyberg - 7 Dar Per Er
Lokz - Throw It Away
Lonnie Donnegan - Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour
Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me
Los Capitanes - Big Boys Dont Cry
Los Capitanes - Going Abroad
Lose The Love - Jou Xiong
Lost N Found - The End Of The Begining
Lotus Child - Lids
Lou Fellingham - Down Into Darkness
Lou Fellingham - This Is My Worship
Lou Giordano - Stay Close To Me
Lou Stern - Swiss Boy
Louis Valeur - Life
Louis Valeur - Run
Louise And The Pins - Christopher And I
Louise Dubiel - Forpulet Perfekt
Love - Robin Hood
Love Affarir - Everlasting Love
Love Handel - Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart
Love Handel - Way To Your Heart
Love It Or Hate It - If I Could
Love Saquing - Better To Trust
Love Wont Save Me
Low Level Flight - For A Second
Low Level Flight - Save My Soul
Lucas Carpenter - Hair That Way
Lucy Schwartz - Turn Back Around
Lucy Walsh - Lullaby
Lukas Konowalik - Venom Gift
Luke Conard - Mirror Song
Luke Macdonald - Glory To God
Luke Mejares - Pretty Girl
Lukie D - Missing You Like Crazy
Lullaby For The Working Class - The Wounded Spider
Luv Lux - Decadence
Luv Lux - So Much More
Luxus Leverpostei - Bare 4 R
Luxus Leverpostei - En Kjempebsj
Luxus Leverpostei - Hel E Hel
Luxus Leverpostei - Lille Pike
Luxus Leverpostei - Plastisk Kirurgi
Luxus Leverpostei - Sado
Lyon Fi - Por Ser Quien Soy
Lyra - Ailein Duinn
Mac Canoza - Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin
Mad Fingers - Blessing
Mad World - Mad World
Mad World - Neutron Star Collision
Maddi Jane - Price Tag
Magic Garden - Goodbye Song
Magnetic North - Devils In Me
Magnolia - Youre Breaking My Heart
Mai Hoshimura - Regret
Makebelieve - Home
Maldita - Iyo Ya Lang Era
Maldita - Porque
Malevolent Cure - Harboring Dreams
Mamy Blue - The Pop Tops
Mandy K - Sunflower
Manibela - Paano
Manibela - Sa Paskong Darating
Mansions - Dig Up The Dead
Manuel Francisco - I Will Sing Forever
Maraiah Tapac - Love Is
Marc James - Surrender
Marcela Morelo - La Fuerza Del Engano
Marcie Blaine - Bobbys Girl
Marcie Blane - Bobbys Girl
Marco Conidi - Mai Sola Mai
Marcus Bently - Snow Covered Morning
Marcus Mumford - Wretched Man
Maria Arredondo - Hardly Hurts At All
Maria Haukaas Storeng - Hold On Be Strong
Maria Malm - In Life
Maria Shandy - Pelangi Kasih
Maria Stubkjr Hansen - Little Flower
Mariana Vega - Contigo
Mariee Sioux - Bundles
Mariee Sioux - Flowers And Blood
Mariee Sioux - Two Tongues
Mariee Sioux - Wizard Flurry Home
Marilee Rush - Angel Of The Morning
Mark Aaron - Aquamans Lament
Mark Maronick - This Treasure
Mark Mejia - Somebodys Baby
Mark Perdigao - Life Is Hatred
Markus Fagervall - You Will Sing
Mars Argo - Electric Car Live Acoustic
Mars Argo - Suicide Birds
Marshal Ericsen - You Just Got Slapped Himym
Marshall Erikson - You Just Got Slapped
Martin Loke - My Beauty
Marvin Rainwater - Whole Lotta Woman
Mary And The Moon - Fosho The Brett Song
Mary And The Moon - In This Head
Mary And The Moon - Understanding Is Hard
Mary And The Moon - Winter
Mary Has A Gun - Le Lien
Matt Burnside - Photographs
Matt Hires - Honey Let Me Sing You A Song
Matt Morrissette - Nickolettes Song
Matt Strief - Handy Man
Matt Toka - I Feel Like Dying Cover
Matthew Hornell And The Diamond Minds - She Only Loves Me
Matthew Leitner - Beautiful Eyes
Matthew Perryman Jones - Feels Like Letting Go
Matthew Perryman Jones - Sinking Wishes
Matthew Perryman Jones - When It Falls Apart
Matthew Santos - My Remedy
Matthew Santos - Shadows In A Shoebox
Mattias Lysgaard - Re Malene
Mauj - Paheliyan
Maurice Frawley - Amelia
Maurice Frawley - Hot Wire
Max And Sam - This Boy
Maximnoise - Herz-In-Takt
Maximum Reality - Come Here
Maximum Reality - Everything
Mblack - Heartbreak
Meagan Cramer - Magic Maker
Measures Desperate - Let Go
Meg Reyes - Train Station
Meganoidi - Zeta Reticoli
Mel Carter - You You You
Melendi - Un Violinista En Tu Tejado
Melissa Blaikie - The Nights Still Breathing
Melissa Schiller - Closer To You
Melissa Schiller - Everything I Wish I Could Be
Melissa Schiller - Rock Star Wannabe
Melissa Schiller - When Theres Nothing To Say
Melissa Schiller - Your Precious Time
Melody Tyler - Lease
Members In Patience - Tears Wont Fall Tonight
Memphiskapheles - Bumblebee Tuna Song
Meow - All I Know
Mer - Just A Mistake
Metasoma - Just Stay
Meus Cras - Pause
Mfillmore - Relentless
Mga Anak Ng Tupa - Kung Pagbibigyan
Mgp - Lost My Music
Mgp - Not Again
Mi Noog - Sudden Rush
Michael Carreon - Wondering
Michael Falch - I Et Land Uden Hoje Bjerge
Michael Falch - Mod Mig I Morket
Michael Holliday - The Story Of My Life
Michael Holm - Traenen Luegen Nicht
Michael King - Slow And Steady
Michael Merchant - Like The Deer
Michael Newman - Now Youre Gone
Michael Simon - Even Without Me
Michele Barton Thomas - Too Old To Party
Micke Persson - I Ett Andetag
Mickey Jones - Double Bogey Blues
Midhuhath - Vaaneyhe Loabeegaa
Midnight Teabag - My Costly Love
Midnighters - Work With Me Annie
Mighty Oaks - Driftwood Seat
Miguel Escueta - Blue Monday
Mike - Love Will Never Fade Away
Mike Bauer - Friday
Mike Clark - Beauty In The Still
Mike Clark - My Everything
Mike Jeffery - Farewell Icarus
Mike Polk - Lebron James Is A Bitch
Mikhail John Gaviola - My Only One
Mikuni Shimokawa - Alone
Miles From Home - The Premiere
Milk And Money - Lihim
Milk And Money - Ok Na
Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop
Mimi Soya - Should Have Called In Sick Or Millionaire
Minatani Naomi - Tooi Kono Machi De
Ministry Of Magic - I Heart Weasleys
Minnute - More To Love
Miss Montreal - Just A Flirt
Missing Felimon - Inday
Mitch Rosell - Every Bit Of That
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels - Devil With The Blue Dress
Mitch Ryder The Detroit Wheels - Little Latin Lupe Lu
Mitchel Edwards - Picket Fences
Mithi - Sana
Mixmania - Tant Que Lon Saime
Mjesecari - Nebom Stupa
Mjesecari - Trole
Mntsln Kapina - Suuri Ja Mahtava
Mocha - Hawak Mo Aking Kamay
Mohiner Ghoraguli - Prithibita Naki
Mohiner Ghoraguli - Prithibita Naki Rectified
Mohiner Ghoraguli - Tomay Dilam
Mojacko - If My Lover Was An Alien
Mojo Men - Sit Down I Think I Love You
Molt - Mr Potbelly
Monday Street - Echoes
Monique Smit - Blijf Je Vanavond
Monkey Swallows The Universe - Little Polveir
Monoloque - Chenta
Monoloque - Chinta
Monsters Of Liedermaching - Froesche Weinen Nicht
Moonshiner - What Do You Wanna Do
More To Lose - The Goodnight Anthem
Morgan Carlson - Jesus Never Fails
Morgan Laurence - Just This Once
Morning Orchestra - Lucky Star
Morning Runner - Gone Up In Flames
Morning Runner - Work
Moxy By Proxy - Tetherball
Mradrisratte - Laboum Sample
Mrbrown - Love Song For Singapore
Mt Hogz - Shes My Baby
Mumford And Sons - Little Lion Man
Mumford And Sons - White Blank Page
Mutantes - Balada Do Louco
Mutual Theme 2010 - Be Strong
Mwk - Circles Anthem
My Auntie Sam - Darts Down
My Auntie Sam - Just Like Before
My Auntie Sam - Scarlet Letter
My Auntie Sam - Ted
My Genuine Find - Oh Hush
My Little Pony - We Are The Cutie Mark Crusaders
My Odessa - Baroque
Nachiketa - Nilanjona Dulche Haoay
Nana Grizol - Tambourine Thyme
Nanoripe - Hana No Iro
Nanoripe - Hana Nokori Tsuki
Nanoripe - Saibou Kioku
Narda - Ang Gabi
Narda - Suerte
Nashrin - Fobia Cinta
Nashville Skyline - Carry You Home
Natali Oreiro - Me Mueno De Amor
Nate Hale - Psalm 13
Nathaniel Mayer And The Fabulous Twilights - Village Of Love
Nattu - Ma Dherai Maya Garchhu
Natural Immunity - Ballad Of Pete
Natural Immunity - Janet
Naveregnide - Limit As X Approaches Girlfriend
Ned Miller - From A Jack To A King
Ned Miller - Invisible Tears
Neeraj Shridhar - Mera Jeena Hai Kya
Negative Nine - Torn 1St Half
Neighbours - Unforgetable
Neon Pearl - Going Back
Nerd Alert - Scv Love Song
New Beats - Bread And Butter
New Empire - Hero Acoustic
New Empire - The Summer Sky
New Heights - Neverchanging
New Seekers - Never Ending Song Of Love
New York - Hai Junoon
Newdays - Bila Malam Tiba
Next September - Cover Me In Gasoline
Nguyen Hai Phong - Dong Thoi Gian
Nguyen Hoang - Trai Tim Khong Mua
Niccolo - Sad Soul Romanian
Niccolo - War
Nice Peter - Spanglish
Niceland - Come On
Nichole337 - Both Of My Feed Hurts
Nick Hamm - The Unruley Crocodile
Nick Whitaker - I Will Be Around
Nicky Patterson - Css
Nicky Patterson - Here Comes The Mouldmaster
Nicky Patterson - Knock-Off Nigel
Nicky Patterson - Life Goes On
Nicky Patterson - Pigeons Are So Ugly
Nicky Patterson - Street Life
Nicky Patterson - The Stramash In The Public Park
Nicky Patterson - What The Hell Is Wrong With You
Nicky Patterson - Where Have You Been Tonight
Nicky Patterson - Your Mum Wasnt Wearing Knickers
Nico Stai - One October Song
Nico Stai - The City Waits
Nicol - Fall Down
Nicolai Dunger - Something In The Way
Niemann - Im Osten
Nik Freitas - Sun Down
Nikki - What Did I Do
Nikki And Rich - City Lights Acoustic
Nino Aus Wien - Du Oasch
Nino Aus Wien - Schlogoberskoch
Nino Tempo And April Stevens - Deep Purple
Nmm - Turn The Other Way
No Fly List - 4 Chords Away
No Fly List - A Secret Amongst Friends
No Fly List - Ambush
No Fly List - Blaze On
No Fly List - Self Disciplined
No Fly List - Shock Therapy
No Fly List - Unresolved
No Fly List - Up For Air
No Fly List - Upstate
No Light Dua - Wismari Poisid
No More Encore - Hear I Am
No Plan - Its All Up To Me
Nobodys Hero - Always The Same
Nocturnal Goatsucker - A Ballad Of Crime
Noel Richards - You Laid Aside Your Majesty
Noel Richards Tricia Richards - All Heaven Declares
Noise Reduction - Even For A Day
Noise Reduction - Last Call
Nordahl Grieg - Til Ungdommen
Nordhemsskolan - Bellas Lat
Norihiko Hibino - Snake Eater
Norma Tenaga - Walkin My Cat Named Dog
Northsouth - Overwhelmed
Nota De Voz - Dejate Llevar
Nothing But Love - All I Know
Novi Jerusalem - Ladoni
Now You See Them - Growing Older
Now You See Them - Let Me Know
Nsg - Badman
Nuno Prata - Essa Dor No Existe
Nurl - Paranoia
Nurl - Smashed Face
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Sanu Ek Pal
Nutradio - Moon
Oaf And Dago - Cause You Got Big Boobs
Oceanlab - Miracle
Oceanlab - Satellite
Off With Their Heads - Fuck This Im Out
Oh Bintang - Beet For Teen
Olav Ehala - Tahan Olla
Oleg Nejlik - Elektropop
Oliver Boyd And The Rememberalls - End Of An Era
Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls - End Of And E
Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls - Open At The Close
Oliver Boyd The Remembralls - In Your Shadow
Oliver Twist - Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two
Omar Esau - Me Pierdo
Omar Esau - Por Amarte
Once Upon A Christmas Song - Geraldine Mcqueenpeter Kay
One Call - Symphony
One Family Under God - Where Peace Begins
One Match Left - Wake Up
One Ok Rock - Moshimo Taiyou Ga Nakunatta Toshitara
One Spontaneous Thing - Slipping Away
Only When You Go - Majandra Delfino
Ontario Pioneer Camp - Praise Adonai
Open Idiot - Thrice Defeated But Im Trying Again
Opwekking - Armen Van Liefde
Oregon Bike Trails - Swimsuit
Ortigoes - Serpente De Fogo
Otis Lee Crenshaw - He Almost Looks Like You
Our Only Hope - Let Go
Out Of The Grey - The One Ive Been Waiting For
Ovid Stevens - Tropical Island State Of Mind
P P Bliss - Ho My Comrades
Pakistan - Hum Zinda Quom Hain
Pamela Cindy - Let The Fire Fall
Pan Del Diavolo - Centauro
Pandora - With You
Panic Cord - Gabrielle Alpin
Pankromansa Combo - Katrina Halili Tribute
Parikrama - But It Rained
Partibrejkersi - Ja Radim Tesko
Pasabordo - Quisiera
Pascal Pinon - New Beginning
Passid Bain - Jetzt Ist Schluss
Passid Bain - Schnauze Voll
Passid Bain - Weils Geil Ist
Pat Hervey - Mr Heartache
Pat Wilson - The Davidson Song
Patient Parking - Missing You
Patito Feo - Algo Tuyo En Mi
Patito Feo - Un Rincon Del Corazon
Patrick Ouchene - Copycat
Paul Alan - To Bring You Back
Paul And Paula - Hey Paula
Paul Demers - Notre Place
Paul Inwood - Center Of My Life
Paul Nicoll - Father And Son
Paula Nelson - Day To Day Love
Pawnshop Kings - Carolina
Paytons - You Are My Sunshine
Pcm - Chemistry
Pdt Ir Niko Njotorahardjo - Segala Puji Syukur
Pe Lange-Muller - Vi Elsker Vort Land
Pearl Kyoudai - Youkoso Hitori Bocchi
Pedro Vargas - Jinetes En Cielo
Percasis Sma Kolese Kanisius - Masa Masa Perkenalan
Perfect People - What Youre Told
Permission To Enter - Give Me A Chance
Perry Barnes - Jesus After A Makeover
Pet The Music - Tired
Petal Shop - Fake-A-Frown
Peter Morande - Straight Up
Peter Wackel - Joana Du Geile Sau
Petrus - The Single
Petsch Moser - Schoener Ort
Petty Education - Waiting
Phillip Barbosa - Shades
Phillip Tran - The Thy-An Song
Phoenix - Where You Been
Phoenix Williams - Everythings Good
Picknick On The Hill - Where The Sun Still Shines
Pig In A Poke - Derge Lust
Pigeons From Hell - Is It Just Me
Piilani Arias - Tears On My Pillow
Pirates Of The Sea - Wolves Of The Sea
Pistol Annies - Hell On Heels
Plectro - Im A Waster
Pletrums Down - Missi Give Up
Polen - We All Fall Down
Pop Tops - Mammy Blue
Possibility - Tiffany Alvord
Poverty Branch - Come Home
Presence Of Mind - Why I Think The World Is Out To Get Me
Prism Steel - Season Of Change
Pritam - Mera Jeena Hai Kya
Profides - Doar Prin Iubire
Project 1 - Ang Sarap Dito
Project-Delta - Airman Ga Taosenai Airman Will Not Die
Protest - Smrde Ti Noge Draga
Psycho18 - Tire Me
Pudge - Emo Under The Sea
Pulse - Crashing
Punk Weasels - Graffiti
Putra - Cinta Kain Putih
Quantom Leap - Cousins Go
Quebec - Job Le Beatnik
Quoc Bao - Em Ve Tinh Khoi
Rab - Eaning Of Life
Rab - Fiona
Rabindra Sangeet - Tumi Robe Nirobe
Rachel Blackburn - In The End I Always Run Back To You
Rachel Kar - A Brand New Day
Rachel Kar - Right Or Wrong
Rachel Kar - Thanksgiving
Rachel Kar - The Little Black Dress
Rachel Piette - Monster Let Go
Rachel Sermanni - Breathe Easy
Radiant Peppermint Hedgehogs - Strumming Away
Radio Wire Empire - Speechless
Raindrops - The Kind Of Boy You Cant Forget
Ral Donner - Half Heaven Half Heartache
Ral Donner - Please Dont Go
Ral Donner - Tears Of Misery
Ral Donner - The Girl Of My Best Friend
Ral Donner - You Dont Know What Youve Got
Ramble - Bobby Jones
Ramon Jacinto - Muli
Ran Eliran - Lach Yerushalayim
Ras Shortyi - Watch Out My Children
Rawbau - Vatreno Ludilo
Ray - Whip Somebodys Ass
Ray Columbus And The Invaders - Till We Kissed
Ray Smith - Right Behind You Baby
Ray Smith - Rockin Little Angel
Raymond Ablack Jessica Tyler - Goodbye White Horse
Rb Greaves - Take A Letter Maria
Ready For You - The Goodnight Anthem
Rebecca And Fiona - If She Was Away
Rebecca Gubitosi - Zebra Tattoos
Red Means Go - Analysis Of Scunthorpe
Red Rockers - China
Redd - Prensesin Uykusuyum
Redd 76 - Instant Replay
Referial Revenge - Your Smiling Face
Reina Amo - Whatever It Takes
Reizlynn Rayzid - Im Not The Reason
Relax - Weil I Di Mog
Renee Cassar - Forget To Breathe
Renfue - What You Wanted
Requiem Of Innocence - Sirens Serenade
Resgate - Infinitamente Mais
Ress Herlambang - Menyesal
Rf Seabury - Plastic Jesus
Rhettaandlink - Taco Bell Folk Song
Rhianna Larocque - You Say
Rich Hall - George Foreman Grille
Rich Hall - The Bush Song
Rich Tienken - Notice Me
Richard Berman - On The Mexican Coast
Richard Harris - Macarthur Park
Richie Benedict - Rivers
Richie Valens - Come On Lets Go
Rickie Andrewson - Penanggur Ba Tua
Ricky Fante - Shine
Ricky Lee - Raining Diamonds
Riley Friesen - Functions
Rita Springer - Holy Is Our King
Rivals To Idols - Mr Honour
Rizal Underground - Bilanggo
Roadside Story - All The Time
Rob Manuel - Beer Beer Beer
Rob Paravonian - American Idol Loser Song
Rob Pattinson - Let Me Sign
Rob Snider - The Phoenix
Robert Pattinson - Let Me Sign
Robert Pattison - I Was Broken
Robert Skoro - In Line
Robin Luke - Susie Darlin
Robin Sparkles - Sandcastles In The Sand
Robin Ward - Wonderful Summer
Rocky Dawuni - Jerusalem
Rocky Fellers - Killer Joe
Rocky Heron - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Rodel Naval - Muli
Roderick Estimada - Thank You For Your Love
Roger Williams - Autumn Leaves
Roh Kudus - Hadir Disini
Rohan Rathore - Emptiness Lonely
Roller Coaster Road - Even More
Ron Holden And The Thunderbirds - Love You So
Ron Holden And The Thunderbirds - My Babe
Ron Pope - A Drop In The Ocean
Ronnie Hawkins - Bluebirds Over The Mountain
Ronnie Hawkins - Forty Days
Ronnie Hawkins - Home From The Forest
Ronnie Hawkins - I Feel Good
Ronnie Hawkins - Mary Lou
Ronnie Hawkins - Suzie Q
Roots N Boots - Made In Malaysia
Roots Of Nature - Di Nakikita
Roots Of Nature - Lipad
Roses For You - Hero
Rotten Bark - I Got You On My Own
Round 2 - Dont Rock The Boat
Round Table - Let Me Be With You
Rouxinol Faduncho - Caes De Loica
Roxanne Emery - Remember Me
Rozzas - Forever Love
Rtrasporteyam - Simple Words
Ruby And The Romantics - Our Day Will Come
Rucka Rucka Ali - Go Cops
Runaway Dorothy - Abilene
Runaway Dorothy - Caulfield
Runaway Dorothy - Hard Way Home
Runaway Dorothy -Takes A Lot Of Love
Rupam Islam - Ma
Ruper Ordorika - Zaindu Maite Duzun Hori
Rurutia - Selenite
Russ Hamilton - Rainbow
Ruy - 4
Ryan Baucom - Truth And Life
Ryan Monroe - Older
Ryan Payne Band - Inconvenient Love
Ryan Seiler - July
Ryloyeah - Ignorance Is Bliss
Safetysuit - Someone Like You
Safetysuit - What If
Saiful - Ku Juga Mencintaimu
Sal - The Little Gnome Song
Salam Untuk Kekasih - Nadia
Salo - Changes
Sam - Cold Beer
Sam Hart - Mario Kart Love Song
Sam Hird - Mary
Samantha Barks - Let Go
Sami Ulrich - Best Friend
Samson En Gert - Slaapliedje
Sanchez - Frenzy
Sanders Bohlke - Somewhere
Sanders Bohlke - The Weight Of Us
Sandy Posey - Single Girl
Sandy Posey - The Single Girl
Sanford Clark - Lonesome For A Letter
Sanford Clark - The Fool
Sangorul Saranghan Ino - My Girls Ost Korean
Sangre Santa - Juntos Alabemos
Sanskrit Monkey God - Memoria Tu Calvario
Santiago Del Nuevo Extremo - A Mi Ciudad
Sarah Allison Turner - Smalltown Kinda Thing
Sarah Motlong - Draw Me Away
Say It Forever - Summer Or Nothing
Saywecanfly - Bumbleebee
Sbastien Tellier - Divine
Scarred 4 Life - Closed Tears
Scatterheart - Beautiful
Schmoyoho - Double Rainbow
Scotch Woodcock - Balanitis
Scott Joseph Phares - I Can Promise That
Scott Reed And Dana Childs - Hey Mr Stiles
Scotty Mccreery - I Love You This Big
Scribblemonster - The Song Of Life
Seabird - Rescue
Seamo - My Answer Tv Size
Secondhand Jive - Lucky
Secret French Kissing Society - I Gotta Move
Secretof - My Way
Sega37 - Masa Bodoh Biarkan Saja
Sega37 - Tanpamu Ku Tak Bisa
Segatron - Miss Eye Catcher
Serendipity Singers - Beans In Your Ears
Serendipity Singers - Dont Let The Rain Come Down
Set - Real
Set It Off - I Promise
Set It Off - Oh Majorie
Shadows Of A Reality - The Lonely House
Shady Bard - Torch Song
Shafaqat Amanat Ali - Kyun Main Jaagoon
Shakin Stevens And The Sunsets - Jungle Rock
Shakin Stevens And The Sunsets - Sea Cruise
Shakin Stevens And The Sunsets - Sweet Little Rock And Roller
Shame The Fury - I Know
Shane Anderson - Building On The Rock
Shane Anderson - Malachi Song
Shane Anderson - The Shepherd Lamb
Shane Dawson - Superluv
Shane Harper - Dance With Me
Shane Harper - One Step Closer
Shane Harper - Wait For Me
Sharon Von Etten - Save Yourself
Sheitan - Djeca S Kolodvora Zoo
Sheitan - Elektricna Dusa
Sheitan - Lice Sa Tjeralice
Sheitan - Mozda
Sheitan - Sheitan Rollin
Shelly Faberes - Johnny Angel
Shenanigans - The Fifth Song
Shepherd Sisters - Alone
Shine Bright Baby - Im Temporary
Shirley And Lee - Let The Good Times Roll
Shiver - Dieser Augenblick
Shotguns In A Minor - Cant Live Without
Should I Confess - Soyu
Shout Praises Kids - Hey Jesus Loves Me
Shuunt - Lost In The City
Silbermond - Durch Die Nacht
Silbermond - Letzte Bahn
Silbermond - Passend Gemacht
Silbermond - Symphonie Acoustic
Silbermond - Symphonie Live Version
Silver Wing - Mind For The Sky
Simon Schuett - Sinking Ship Of Lies
Simple - Keep It Simple
Simple At Best - Public Restroom
Since Forever - Coast And You
Sindentosca - Kepompong
Sinxjae - As You Lay
Sir Douglas Quintet - Mendocino
Sir Douglas Quintet - Shes About A Mover
Sisoearo - La Canzone Della Piantina Di Limone
Sisoearo - Sisoearo Blues
Sistar 19 - Ma Boy
Sister Garden - Thanks To Love
Six-String Symphony - Love
Six-String Symphony - The Monkey
Skero - Kabinenparty
Skins - Pandoras Song
Skousen Ingemann - Knud Lavard
Skunkpunk - My Addiction
Sky Brush - From Me To You
Skylar Grey - Love The Way You Lie
Slam - Tak Mungkin Berpaling
Sleeping In The Aviary - The Very Next Day I Died
Sleepy Lagoon - My Last Song For Maxine
Sleeq - Cun Saja
Slow Club - Because Were Dead
Slow Club - It Doesnt Have To Be Beautiful
Slow Club - Summer Shakedown
Slow Club - Thinking Drinking Sinking Feeling
Slow Club - When I Go
Slow Moving Millie - Beasts
Slytely Perfect - Fall With The Stars
Small Talk - You Were Right About Me
Smash Cast - Crazy Dreams
Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii - Vechno Molodoy
Snakadaktal - Air
Social Code - Perfect Grave
Sog - Satu Melayu
Solitary Sephiroth - Rest In Peace
Solstice Coil - Accidents
Some Like It Hot - Are You Making This Magic
Someday Dream - Hey Daydreamer
Something Out Of The Ordinary - Doves
Something Out Of The Ordinary - Something Out Of The Ordinary
Something Out Of The Ordinary - Who I Am
Something Simple - Ill Be There
Something Simple - Mind Games
Sonic Cult - You Own The Game
Sophie Madeleine - Little One
Sopiz - Cool Ka Lang
Sopiz - Wish I Never
Sopranos - Closest Thing To Heaven
Sordid Humor - Barbarossa
Soul Decision - Faded
Soulful Dynamics - Mademoiselle Ninette
Souljah - Jamaicas Away
Souljahits - Jamaicas Away
Soulstitch - Awit Para Kay Racquel
Sounds Orchestral - Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Southside Of Bombay - Whats The Time Mr Wolf
Southwind - Malay
Spanish Mike - One Semester Of Spanish Spanish Love Song
Speed Limit 45 - All Ive Ever Wanted
Spencer Bell - Beautiful More So
Spidermonkey Solo Project - Welcome To Insanity Aka Someone To Blame
Spoonboy - Ghosts Overseas
Spoonboy - Paint By Numbers
Spoonboy - The Restaurant
Spoonboy - What You Want
Spunk Monkeys - Sometimes
St Adaltes Church - Far Greater
Stamps - Stamps Ventures Of A Lifetime
Stand For The Right
Stand Up - Purpose
Standards - When I Fall In Love
Stanton Warriors Feat Eska - Still Here
Star Burst - Oublies
Start Of Something - Britannia High
Stealing Steven - I Am Here For You
Stepdad - Cutie Boots
Steph Stephenson - Youre Like Snow On A Christmas Eve
Stephanie Dabruzzo And Scrubs Cast - Whats Going To Happen Or Youre Going To Be Okay
Stephen And The Colberts - Charlene Im Right Behind You
Stephen Jerzak - Im In Love
Stephen Jerzak - My Girl
Steve Lawrence - Footsteps
Steve Lawrence - Go Away Little Girl
Steve Lawrence - Portrait Of My Love
Steve Lawrence - Pretty Blue Eyes
Steve Nelson - If You Break It You Buy It
Steve Nelson - Nothing Comes Too Late
Steve Rushton - Game Over
Steven Loki Howell - Thread Count
Stevenson - Cap Apek
Stevie Hoang - Addicted
Stewart Lee - Bullingdon Club Song - S02E06 Comedy Vehicle Democracy
Stuart Dauermann - Trees Of The Field
Submarine 4 - Angels Song
Sunidhi Chauhan-Udi - Guzarish
Sunshine May - Sunny Day
Sure Feels Like Love - Tiffany Thornton
Surrogate - Cant Go Home
Susan Enan - Bring On The Wonder
Susan Jacks - Different Drum
Susan Krauter - Love Found Me
Svensk Ungdom - Fragor Till Far
Swanyl - Hoop En Leven
Sweetheart - We Are All Connected
Sylvan Rackham - Snowflake
T Lola In The Fields - Unless
Taco - Puttin On The Ritz
Tairo - Jamais Eu
Take Me To The Pilot - Green Eyes
Take The Shine - Alone But Not Lonely
Taken By Cars - December 2 Chapter 3
Tamar - Transcend
Tanner Cohen - Were The World Mine
Taylor Likes - The Greatest Nothing That Never Happened
Taze - Forever
Ted Bond - The Hypothetical Song
Ted Lucas - Its So Easy
Tenor7 - Have You Ever
Teppei Koike - Kimi Ni Okuru Uta
Terry Macalmonmy - My God And King
Terry Stafford - Suspicion
That Monday Feeling - Beneath It All
That Woman - Baek Ji Young
The Air Conditioners - Damn It Elvis Why Did You Have To Go
The All New Influence - 101 Thousand Things
The American Mall Cast - Time
The Angels - Til
The Antlers - Bear
The Apathy Eulogy - Be My Rescue
The Apathy Eulogy - These Arent Tears Theyre Atom Bombs
The Assembly - Never Never
The Bachelors - Love Me With All Your Heart
The Bachelors - Whispering
The Blaqk Year - Blinded In Fire
The Bobettes - Mister Lee
The Bogrolls - Throw You Off A Cliff
The Boys Of Summer - Indiana
The Brady Bunch Kids - Keep On
The Brotherhood Of Man - United We Stand
The Brunettes - Credit Card Mail Order
The Bulldogs - Lfm Song
The Butterbeer Experience - The Peverell Story
The Butterflies - Goodnight Baby
The Casting Out - Alone
The Casual Terrorist - I Might Be A Peasant
The Caution - Foolish Girl
The Cazadors - View From My Window
The Chantels - Maybe
The Chimes - Once In A While
The Class Of Xiii - Goodbye
The Clique - Sugar On Sunday
The Clockwork Quartet - The Watchmakers Apprentice
The Co - Be Ok
The Contours - Do You Love Me
The Cool Calm Collective - Kings And Queens
The Corsairs - Smoky Places
The Country Devils - Sweet Potatoes
The Cowsills - The Rain The Park And Other Things
The Crazy Boyz - Its Only My Own Song
The Crazy Boyz - Mad Man
The Crazy Boyz - The Girl By The River
The Crossroad - Langeweile
The Dagons - If You Kiss Me
The Days - Evil Girls
The Dead Cool Dropouts - Write You Off
The Del Vikings - Come Go With Me
The Dells - Oh What A Night
The Disctrict - A Drop In The Ocean
The Ditch - Far Away
The Dixie Cups - Iko Iko
The Dixiebelles - Down At Papa Joes
The Dovells - You Cant Sit Down
The Downtown Fiction - Living Proof Acoustic
The Dreams - 22 Den Nye By
The Echoes - Baby Blue
The Edsels - Rama Lama Ding Dong
The Epochs - Never Be The Same Again
The Fabulous Catz - Bawaku Terbang
The Face Melters - Use Somebody
The Fangs - Pretty Picture
The Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues
The Fireballs - Bottle Of Wine
The First Class - Beach Baby
The Flares - Foot Stompin Part 1
The Fleetwoods - Mister Blue
The Fontaine Sisters - Seventeen
The Four Aces - A Stranger In Paradise
The Four Aces - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
The Four Aces - Three Coins In The Fountain
The Four Pennies - Juliette
The Freshwind Band - Change My World
The Friday Night Boys - You Do You Dont
The Friends You Never Had - Arent You Clever
The Friends You Never Had - Echoes
The Friends You Never Had - Fall With The Stars
The Friends You Never Had - I Am Yours
The Friends You Never Had - My Forever
The Friends You Never Had - Scarlet Letter
The Friends You Never Had - Shine On
The Friends You Never Had - Story Of Your Life
The Friends You Never Had - Super Love
The Gathering Field - Lost In America
The Gathering Hearts Endeavor - Ghosts Leave Trails
The Gentrys - Keep On Dancing
The Gooties - So Many Choices
The Happiest Day Of My Life
The Higgins - Real Thing
The Highwaymen - Cotton Fields
The Hollywood Argyles - Alley Oop
The Honey Trees - To Be With You
The Hope Fallacy - Behind Closed Doors
The Ikettes - Im Blue
The Johnny Otis Show - Willie And The Hand Jive
The Journey - Bring Me To My Knees
The Kalin Twins - When
The Kybosh - Belladonna
The La Runaways - Remember
The Lancashire Hotpots - Shopmobility Scooter
The League - My Love
The Loutsa Project - Paidike Mou File
The Love Language - Night Dogs
The Love Language - Sparxxxxx
The Lowly Knights - You Can Tell A Man By How He Lifts His Hands
The Mccoys - Come On Lets Go
The Mescaleros - Get Down Moses
The Michael Wade Band - Heroes And Legends
The Midas Well Colorado - Five Minutes Ago
The Mitch Hansen Band - Lullaby
The Molloys - Meet You There
The Moonglows - Sincerely
The Moose - Go With The Flow
The Morning Light - The Love
The Mungs - Country Jesus
The Narrative - Castling
The Never Ever - Hey Kt Acoustic
The New Christy Minstrels - Green Green
The New Year - Disease
The Original Caste - One Tin Soldier
The Orlons - Dont Hang Up
The Orlons - Wah-Watusi
The Oubliette - The Trout Song
The Pancakes - Hallo Goodbye
The Pancakes - Tamagawa
The Paris Sisters - I Love How You Love Me
The Parselmouths - Spattergroit
The Pentacles - Parang Ganon
The Perfect Measure - Into My Arms
The Perfect Measure - Take My Hand
The Pillars - With You Evermore
The Poppy Family - Which Way You Goin Billy
The Pretty Blue Guns - Mary
The Ptarmigan Family - Summertime In Alaska
The Random Guy - Hates That Girl
The Ready Set - Soular Flares
The Regents - Barbara Ann
The Remedies - Someone
The Rescues - Break Me Out
The Rivingtons - Papa Oom Mow Mow
The Roamers - Ride The Wild Surf
The Rock Star Lads - My Question
The Rooftop Singers - Walk Right In
The Ropes - I Dont Like To Get Dirty
The Rubberbandits - Horse Outside
The Rumour - Elegantly Wasted
The Russian Two Speed - Rebeca
The Sacrifice - Let It Rain Medley- Blessing And Honor My Savior My God Grace Like Rain
The Sandpipers - Come Saturday Morning
The Sceraming Teenagers - Warmth
The Sensations - Let Me In
The Silkie - Youve Got To Hide Your Love Away
The Singing Nun - Dominique
The Skyliners - Since I Dont Have You
The Slickers - Johnny Too Bad
The Spaniels - Goodnight Sweetheart
The Sparkletones - Black Slacks
The Starlit Jewel - The Road Goes Ever On
The Stoics - Ballad Of A Bitch
The Students - Every Day Of The Week
The Sun Never Dies - Faded Memories
The Swinging Blue Jeans - The Hippy Hippy Shake
The Tams - What Kind Of Fool
The Terrorways - Never Been To Borstal
The Turbans - When You Dance
The Upstairs Divine - Naked And All
The Used Condoms - Bigger Than Jims
The Vandon Arms - The Legend Of Johnny Grey
The Wealthy West - Home
The Winding Sheet - The Masquerade
The Woolpackers - Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll
The Worday Realease - Love In A Box
Thebandwithnoname - Amazing Grace
Thebandwithnoname - Found And Lost
These United States - Old John Chapman Takes A Good Long Walk
Thespeaks - High
Third Grade Haters - Be Mine
This Condition - I Think I Like You
Thomas Butterworth - Let Them In
Thomas Timmy - Dying Inside
Thoughts2Am - Break Me
Throw Me The Statue - About To Walk
Throwback - Black Coffee
Tiffany Alvord - That Kiss
Tila Tequila - Summer Nightfalls
Tim Marsh - Its You Lord
Tim Myers - A Beautiful World
Tim Welch - Wait Until Tomorrow
Time And Jean - Free Falling Acoustic
Time Slips Daily - Please Help Me Out
Timi Kakriainen - Tahdon Palvella
To Have Heroes - Story Of Your Life
To Live Another Day - Shadows
Todd Wolf - Tidepool Of The Heart
Tok - Footprints
Tom And The Expendables - Dramatic Pause
Tom Barman Henny Vrienten - De Doorgedachte
Tom Felton - Time Well Spent
Tom Field And Jamie Rodwell - My Praise Overflows
Tom Frampton - Johnny
Tom Lanning - Mellow
Tom Shevlin - Best Friends
Tomato Cube - Watashi Ga Iru Yo
Tomislav Bralic - Ti Gitaro Moja
Tommy Connors - Burying Confessions
Tommy Edwards - Its All In The Game
Tommy James - Mirage
Tommy James - Out Of The Blue
Tommy Knox - Anxiety Again 3 Am
Tommy Leinonen - Conversation
Tommy Monroe - Ladada
Tommy Page - A Shoulder To Cry On
Tommy Torres - Por Un Beso
Tommy Tucker - High Heel Sneakers
Tonight Is Goodbye - Castles
Tony Oberman - Heartless
Tore Sagen - Vinter I Tollbugata
Torfrock - Wir Unterkellern Schleswig Holstein
Torrey Salter - You Alone
Traditional - Do You Hear What I Hear
Trailer Choir - Rockin The Beergut
Tralala - Never Understand
Tramp - A Night In The Street
Traphic Jam - Fasdheefa Dhaathee
Travis Norman - Ignition
Treefight For Sunlight - What Became Of You And I
Tres - Angel
Trevor Lissauer - About The Sun
Trevor Morgan - Psalm 23
Trey Foote - In Your Presence
Trinity Ftl - Found In You
Trio Triple Aminor - Ungarn
Troy Leenards - Look My Way
Trude Herr - Niemals Geht Man So Ganz
Tujhe Bhula Diya - Anjaana Anjaani
Tulipa - Efemera
Tumse Hi Tumse - Anjana Anjani
Turbulence - Left Behind
Tv Total - Aids
Twopointeight - Red Eye
Tyler Brown Williams -You And I
Tyler Toliver - Live Our Dream
Tyler Ward - Mary Song
Tyler Ward - The Hardest Thing
Tyler Ward And The Co - Heartbeat
Tyler Ward And The Co-Keep It Together
Tyler Ward Ft Julia Sheer - Airliner
Uhf - A Ultima Prova
Uhf - Porque
Uhf - Uma Palavra Tua
Understated - Flowers In Her Hair
Unfamous - Ruin
Unfather - A Rose By Any Other Name
Unit 42 - Concrete And Clay
United Pursuit Band - Come Away
Unknown - Holy Fire
Urbanites - Electric City Of The Future
Val Doonican - Elusive Butterfly
Val Emmich - Absolutely Still
Val Emmich - High Noon
Val Emmich - The Only One Lonely
Van Coke Kartel - Buitekant Ii
Varanam Ayiram - Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
Vazelina Bilopphoeggers - Aabbor
Veggies - Still
Veli Sahiti - Moj Zeshkanja Ime
Veltaron - Because Of Me Believe
Versant - Heartbeats
Versant - How To Behave Demo
Versus The World - In Fear Of Finale
Vibe - Bidhatar Rong Chena Jogot
Vic Dana - I Love You Drops
Vince Martin And The Tarriers - Cindy Oh Cindy
Vincent J Vera - Maybe
Vinyl Station - Gone
Vodafone - Vodafone For All
Voodoo Kids - Driftwood
Voodoo Kids - Heart
Voodoo Kids - Horse
Voodoo Kids - Medicine
Voodoo Kids - Party
Voodoo Kids - Rat
Voodoo Kids - Table For Two
Voodoo Kids - The Bar Song
Voodoo Kids - Wild Child
Vota - Hard To Believe
Wake Up Sid - Wake Up Sid
Walk The Moon - Anna Sun Acoustic
Walk This Off - The Goodnight Anthem
Wasserfal - Suikerbossie
Watermelon Man - Hugo Santamaria
Watkinsville Worship - Only To You
Wayne Fontana And The Mind Benders - Um Um Um Um Um Um
Wayne Fontana The Mindbenders - For You For You
Waypoint - Holding You
We Are The Take - Montreal Love Song
We Are Valid - Zippo
We Brain - Mirzi And Louise
We Five - You Were On My Mind
We Walk The Night - Johnathan Elias James Spader
Wearehistory - Love Forever
Wearehisty - My Own Melody
Wendy Rene - After Laughter Comes Tears
Wenn Ich Tot Bin - Traditional
Were All Just Passing Through - Dreamcatcher
Were All Just Passing Through - The World At Your Feet
Wes Carr - You
Wesley Fagan - Meet With Us
Wesley Fagan - Somebody Must Go
Wet - Shot At Love
When I Found Jesus - Steph Macleod
Whiskey Falls - Highway 59
Whispering - Nino Tempo And April Stevens
Whispertown2000 - Restless
Whyteshadows - Khoom Plig Zoo
Will Elmhorst - Ice Cream On My Cake
William Elmhorst - Ice Cream On My Cake
William Lee - Parable
Wilypii Paroki Stlukas - Lord I Offer My Life To You
Windsor Drive - Fall
Winks And The Flegoo Gigoos - Holding On Forever
Winks And The Flegoo Gigoos - Ill Never Leave
Without You - James Lambert
Woodzy - Heartbreak City
Word And Life Worhip - In The Storm
Word And Life Worship - All I Am Is Yours
Word And Life Worship - Freedom Song
Word And Life Worship - Glorious
Word And Life Worship - He Is Mighty
Word And Life Worship - Higher
Word And Life Worship - I Will Love You
Word And Life Worship - Let Me Hear You Say
Word And Life Worship - Lets Dance
Word And Life Worship - Life Of Serving
Word And Life Worship - More Of You
Word And Life Worship - No Greater Love
Word And Life Worship - Our God Is Good Unkulunkulu Muhle
Word And Life Worship - Our God Reigns Forever
Word And Life Worship - Sing Of His Love
Word And Life Worship - To Be Like Jesus
Word And Life Worship - To The King
Word And Life Worship - Victory
Word And Life Worship - We Will Worship You
Word And Life Worship - With Your Holy Spirit
Word And Life Worship - You Capture My Heart
Wrestlerish - Oliver Tambourine
X-Crew - Kahit Na
X-It - Whats The Story
Xav - Maybe Its The World
Yahweh - Gregory Norbet
Yearling - Holiday Acoustic
Yeoman - I Got Jumped
Yotam Perel - Sad Dogs
You Took My Heart - Pepper And Piano
Young And Divine - Show Me Your Alive
Young Hearts - Billys Ballad
Younghearts - This Love
Your Girlfriend Naked - While Im Still 14 Just Another Lie
Youre The Reason - Bobby Edwards
Yufli - Inspired By
Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya
Yuna - Rocket
Yusa Koji - Hyouri
Zach Steward - Its About You
Zack Borer - If I Stay
Zack Borer - She
Zack Meeker - Walkin On Water
Zafir Hadzimanov - Kako Vardar
Zealous Twain - You Were The One For Me
Zee - Antara Sayang Dan Cinta
Zeest - Balatkari
Zephyr - The Meaning Of My Life
Zidis - Why Should I
Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara - Senorita
Zivilia - Aishiteru Menunggumu
Zoemaar - De Ster
Zoetic - Holy
Zoetic - Lord I Need You
Zubeen - Jia Lagey Na
Zubeen Garg - Anuradha